Stuck Using Server-Based Software? Clio Makes the Switch Easy and Painless

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Legacy legal software creates problems for everyone

David A. Goldberg, Partner, at Taylor & Blair LLP (Personal Injury, Insurance Denial, Employment , Elder Law) knows the pain of using out-dated software. When he signed on with the firm, which has seven offices across the province of BC, the team had been using a legacy solution that required in-office servers and caused constant problems for the team.

The technology issue was especially a problem for the team, which operated with an emphasis on work-life balance. Many at the firm have small children and wanted to be able to work from home. They also put a lot of work into making sure their clients get fair treatment in their legal matters—and they didn’t need the added hassle of having to deal with tech problems.

Legal practice is so time-consuming that running the business side of it is usually a secondary concern. ‘If it ain’t broke, why fix it?’ is often the approach.

A familiar tale of out-dated software

Taylor & Blair needed more than what they were getting out of their previous solution.

“It especially struggled with billing functions related to hourly work, and it wasn’t keeping up with other technologies like Office 365. It also functioned very slowly, to the point that staff were complaining about the drain on productivity.”

“It took three minutes to generate a document, and when you add that up over all the documents we create, that’s a huge loss of productivity. It was clear that it wasn’t going to be useful to us long term.”

The worst part for David and his team was that the customer support wasn’t available when they needed them most: “It was unresponsive, unhelpful, and almost non-existent.”

“We had a support ticket with them about our complaints, and we were getting the roundabout.”

“We had to tell them that they were not providing the services we’ve contracted from them, and they made us jump through hoops to prove it. We thought we were going to have to go into litigation to disengage.” Ultimately, David was able to prove that the company hadn’t held up their end of the deal and they were able to break free from their contract.

How Clio made the switch easy—and made legal work even easier

David heard about Clio through his network and learned that he wasn’t the only one facing similar challenges.

“Frankly, all of the lawyers have been upset with their legacy software. There’s constant discussion about who to go to and what’s better.”

“I phoned up all the lawyers I know around the world, and the only ones who didn’t have any complaints were the ones running Clio.”

1. Seamless data migrations

David and his team worked with Clio’s migration specialists, who made the transition as easy as possible.

“Onboarding with Clio was as easy as it goes. We have staff who have been here 20 or 30 years—the ones who were here when we switched the last time said switching to Clio was a night-and-day difference.”

“We’ve been around so long—when Clio looked at what we were going to have to migrate, they were shocked at the amount of information we had. But the migration worked really well. We had no issues.”

2. Clio is easy to learn—with support when you need it

Once David and his team were able to get away from their previous solution, the switch to Clio was easy, and getting started was even easier.

“It’s night and day. The best thing about Clio is that when you reach out to support, someone responds to you—as opposed to someone saying they’ll get back to you, and then nothing.”

“Everyone’s happy when things work as they should. And Clio works as it should.”

Clio is a very intuitive system. It hasn’t been difficult at all.

3. Find anything fast with Global Search

The best part of having everything stored in a fast, intuitive practice management solution is being able to find what you’re looking for, quickly.

David’s firm sees a lot of volume. He often deals with as many as 160 clients at one time, making it difficult to keep them straight in his head at any given time. Clio’s Global Search bar makes it incredibly easy for David to type in a name or case detail to quickly find what he’s looking for.

Feature Animation_Motion Graphic_New Way Vs. Old Way - Full Text Search

“The Global Search bar in the top left-hand corner—it’s phenomenal. It’s very, very helpful.”

4. Work on the go via mobile

Clio’s mobile app gives David and his team the ability to check important details from their phones, which comes in handy when out of the office or away from the computer—and a luxury he didn’t have before.

“Instead of worrying if something got filed, or what needs to get done tomorrow—rather than having to open your computer—you can just check your phone. It’s easy to check client files and access my calendar.”

“If you’re out at court, and you need to phone a client, you don’t want to phone the office to get a number. If I need to see what’s going on tomorrow—or if the judge asks me if I’m available to reappear at a certain date, I can answer quite quickly.”

“The mobile app is terrific. It’s one of the best features we’ve ever had.”

5. Text messaging enhances client communications

David and his team started using Clio just before the release of its text messaging capabilities. For them, it was a delight when the new feature appeared. Since they already have all their client’s mobile numbers in Clio, they could immediately start texting them from their desktop.

“I really like how Clio releases updates. We had Clio up and running, and then the text feature arrived, and it’s been extremely useful in our practice.”

“There’s a whole generation of people who use texting as their main way to communicate. It’s allowed us to facilitate communications with clients that otherwise can be difficult to get hold of. They don’t answer the phone, they don’t check their emails, but they’ll text you back right away.”

“The texting feature is a game changer when communicating with clients.”

Taylor and Blair sees a promising future with Clio

David and his team are looking for ways to improve how they manage legal work at Taylor and Blair, and Clio offers the type of innovative technology that they see themselves growing with.

“When Clio provides you with new utility, without asking for more from you, I find that quite, quite good.”

“Clio is constantly innovating and creating new features. When the texting feature was released, Clio didn’t say we had to pay more for it. They just provided it as part of their service.”

“As we grow and change into this new paperless, remote practice, Clio is evolving and adding new features to help us do it.”

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