Best Holiday Gifts for Lawyers and Law Students

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It’s the season of giving, but what are the best gifts for lawyers and law students? The end of the year is a busy time for legal professionals—for many, even moreso this year—but that doesn’t mean you need to default to gift certificates or generic presents that will only collect dust.

This year, give the lawyer in your life something interesting—or at least something they’ll use. We’ve updated our annual list of the best gifts for lawyers and law students for 2021. Whether you’re shopping for a special present for a coworker, friend, or family member in the legal sector, we’ve got you covered with practical (and playful) lawyer gift ideas.

1. Instant Pot

Lawyers and law students often have to deal with long days and late nights and, foodie or not, cooking might be the last thing on their mind when they get home from the office, courtroom or law school. But, they still need to find a way to eat healthy and keep a balanced diet.

Instant Pot to the rescue! This made it to the top of our “best gifts for lawyers and law students” list as it’s a programmable electric pressure cooker that monitors and adjusts cooking temperatures and times depending on the volume of food being cooked. In other words, you can cook meals in a flash, or program the pot to cook later. Is there a better gift for law graduates? We think not.

It’s a great gift and it might just be a lawyer’s new best friend.

Instant Pot Duo and Instant Pot Ultra on Amazon

Cost: $139.95 – $149.95 (depending on pot size and model)

2. Noise-cancelling headphones

For anyone who needs to concentrate for extended periods of time, noise-cancelling headphones can make all the difference—especially when working from home or law school libraries. For lawyers trying to review complex briefs in our current environment, this gift idea just might be at the top of their list!

There are plenty of options available, so you could choose a basic set or something more high-end.

Bose noise cancelling headphones on Amazon

Cost: $349

TaoTronics noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones on Amazon

Cost: $65

3. Nest thermostat

The last thing a busy lawyer thinks about is the temperature of their home. But for those in colder climates, coming home to a toasty house after a long day of work would be much better than coming home to a frosty one.

The Nest thermostat learns your schedule and the temperature you like, and then turns itself off to save energy when no one is home. That means you’ll give the busy lawyer in your life one less thing to worry about.

And, if you have an Alexa device—like the Echo Dot—you can use it to enable voice control with the Nest thermostat.

Nest thermostat on Amazon

Cost: $199.99

4. Meal-prep service subscription

If you know a lawyer or law student who likes cooking but hates shopping, a subscription to a meal kit delivery service might be the perfect gift. Services like Blue Apron and HelloFresh deliver fresh, pre-portioned ingredients and tantalizing recipes—right to your door. That means you can cook a quality Chicken Khao Soi without an 8 p.m. trip to the grocery store to pick up limes and curry powder. Not to mention this gift for law graduates is perfect for helping them transition into the fast-paced world of law without sacrificing nutrition.

Meal kit companies typically deliver your groceries—complete with the necessary spices and herbs—in insulated boxes, so busy lawyers don’t need to be home to receive them. What’s better is that these boxes can also be personalized to specific dietary requirements or tastes. Be sure to research the meal kit delivery service beforehand and choose one that supports sustainable food systems. This way, your gift recipient can feel good while they’re eating their favorite meals.

Blue Apron (or similar) subscriptions

Cost: Meal kit delivery services usually cost $7.50-$10 per serving, depending on how many recipes you want to receive per week, and how many people are in your household.

5. Espresso machine

For attorneys, as with any professionals, it’s the little things (coffee) that contribute to a great client experience. It’s becoming more and more important for law firms to take a client-centered approach to stay competitive. Additionally, for those on the hunt for gifts for new lawyers, it doesn’t get any better than freshly brewed espresso at your fingertips.

Help your lawyer friend create a more personalized experience and make a great first impression on new clients with a gift that keeps on giving: a quality espresso machine for their office or lobby.

It’ll also save an attorney from having to pop out for a coffee during busy periods.

Cost: Varies. You can get a Nespresso machine or similar for under $200, or spend up to a few thousand on a professional unit.

6. Favorite mug

Sure, a coffee mug isn’t the most personalized or unique gift in the world, but think about it—everyone has a favorite mug that they use every single day, and you could be the person who buys your fellow lawyer that mug!

What’s more, there are some seriously cool mugs out there. Case in point: Just check out the Disappearing Civil Liberties Mug. Fill it with hot water or coffee, and watch the text disappear!

Disappearing Civil Liberties Mug

Cost: $15.95

7. Home office greenery

Plants are a great way to liven up any office—including your lawyer’s. The calming effects of nature are well documented, and some plants even make the air more pleasant to breathe! This law office decor is a winning lawyer gift all around: Consider succulents are another variety that is easy for busy legal professionals to care for.

Cost: Varies.

8. LAWSUIT!—the board game

Learning about the law can be quality fun for the whole family, especially during the holidays. LAWSUIT! is a board game that was created by a parent who wanted to teach her children about the legal profession. Since then, the game has grown in popularity, and we’re reasonably confident that it would quickly become a favorite of any legal professional.

Consider: The LAWSUIT! website boasts that you can “Run your own law office and be a master of the courtroom all while moving around the game board!” Amazing! And while they’ll only be playing with members of their own household this year, we’re sure the lawyers or law students in your life will still love this gift. Read more about the rules here.


Cost: $34.95

*Note: At the time of writing, the game is currently out of stock. Keep an eye out for updates!

9. Foam gavel

What better way is there to relieve stress than with a foam gavel? Help the lawyers or law students in your life hammer out their stress and bring order to their mind with one of the best gift ideas for any lawyer: a funny foam gavel.

Foam gavel on Amazon

Cost: $6.99

10. Yoga mat

A little work-life balance can make all the difference in a lawyer’s life. That’s certainly been true for Clio customer Patrick Palace.

Buy a lawyer or law student a yoga mat, and they’ll be one step closer to meditating, doing sunrise salutations, or any number of other practices to keep themselves healthy and focused—even when working remotely. Go an extra mile and get a personalized mat for your lawyer friend. In terms of gifts for new lawyers, this will support your soon-to-be articling friends to stretch it out or mediate after long days studying for the bar.

Yoga mat on Amazon

Cost: $16.98

11. Virtual dance class

Dancing isn’t just fun—it keeps you healthy, and it also improves brain function. What a gift! Indeed, Chris Trebatoski has grown his solo firm while simultaneously starting a competitive salsa dancing career with his wife, Inna.

Sign your lawyer friend up for a dance class, and who knows where it may take them. Today, many options are taking place safely over Zoom.

Cost: Varies based on location

12. Echo Dot

Voice-controlled devices can do a lot to make one’s life easier. It’s also a great piece of law office decor. That said, make sure lawyers take precautions to protect client confidentiality if they’re using a live-mic listening device. Keep it in your office, but not in a meeting space, courtroom or boardroom, for example.

Echo Dot on Amazon

Cost: $39.99

13. 2-in-1 portable battery / charger

For the lawyer who constantly needs to work remotely from different sections of the house, a 2-in-1 portable battery that is also a device charger will definitely be a welcome gift. This type of charger charges both your device and itself when plugged into a wall. Never get stuck with a dead battery again!

Anker PowerCore Fusion 5000 2-in-1 Portable Charger on Amazon

Cost: $25.97

14. Cross-cut paper shredder

Sometimes, the perfect gifts for lawyers are the most unassuming ones. When lawyers dispose of client documents, they can’t just throw them in the recycling bin. Confidential information must be kept confidential, so these documents need to be shredded.

If the lawyer in your life doesn’t have one for their home office yet, a cross-cut paper shredder could be the perfect gift.

Cross-cut paper shredders

Cost: $43 – $3,390

15. ScanSnap scanner

More and more lawyers are going paperless, but they’ll still need a way to bring paper documents into the digital world. A portable ScanSnap scanner is the answer!

Weighing in at just 14.1 ounces, the ScanSnap is a great gift for lawyers with not a lot of space. It’s battery-powered, and scans documents wirelessly to PC, Mac, Kindle Fire, and iOS or Android devices. The best part? The scanner integrates directly with Clio, letting you scan documents directly into a Matter in Clio.

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100 Wireless Mobile Scanner on Amazon

Cost: $254

16. A journal

This may be a surprisingly simple gift, but journaling is more than just writing down your thoughts everyday. Journaling is an art with wide-reaching benefits for lawyers and law students, including improving professional performance, well-being, and communication, and boosting cognition. You could also opt for a guided journal like The School of Life’s Who Am I?, which includes psychological exercises to develop self-understanding. An artful journal can also be used as law office decor.

Cost: $20

17. Digital course

When thinking about the best gifts for lawyers, don’t forget about the magic of digital courses and webinars. The best part about digital courses is that your lawyer friend can sign up and go through the courses at their own time, even remotely. Popular online education sites like coursera and Udemy contain a wide array of personalized educational topics to choose from—including business, personal development, and computer science. If the lawyer in your life runs their own firm, this is the perfect opportunity and the perfect time of year to learn a new skill, or improve an existing one.

Digital courses are available on coursera or Udemy.

Cost: Varies, but you can find options between $20 and $100

18. Lawyer socks

There’s no doubt about it, lawyers covet awesome socks. And with a need to stay cozy while working from home during the winter months, a funny pair of personalized socks might just be the perfect gift to keep a lawyer warm this winter.

Lawyer socks on Amazon

Cost: $14.99

19. Home office art

Lawyers conducting meetings while working from home need to look professional, and that includes their background. Whether they’ve got a home office, or are working from their living room, an elegant yet interesting piece of art in the background can help them make a good impression on clients and colleagues. Law office decor can help set the right tone in meetings.

There are many options depending on the taste of the lawyer in your life, including something personalized, so consider this humorous gift option.

Lawyer office poster

Cost: $12.95

20. Wool blanket

Keep heating bills down and comfort high when working from home with this practical, unique gift. A good quality wool blanket will keep lawyers and law students warm as they power through briefs and documents.

Wool blanket on Amazon

Cost: $225

21. Scented candle

Calming scents are key to helping stress melt away, and candlelight helps us all feel cozy during the winter months. For lawyers under extra pressure this year, the gift of relaxation and law office decor via candle may be the most welcome one.

Scented candle on Amazon

Cost: $18.99

22. Jeena Cho and Karen Gifford’s The Anxious Lawyer

It’s no secret that lawyers work in high-stress, high-performance environments. When thinking of good lawyer gift ideas, consider Jeena Cho and Karen Gifford’s acclaimed and life-changing book, The Anxious Lawyer. Not only will you be looking out for the mental health of the lawyer or law student in your life, you will also be giving them a gift that does not stop giving. If you have not heard about Jeena Cho and Karen Gifford, they are practicing attorneys who have firsthand knowledge of the difficulties and rewards of legal practice. In addition, they’ve experienced how meditation and mindfulness help them run a more effective legal practice. Their book contains a straightforward 8-week program on meditation and mindfulness, created by lawyers, for lawyers.

The Anxious Lawyer is available at various bookstores.

Cost: $29.90 at Barnes and Noble

23. Kim Scott’s Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity

Here at Clio, Radical Candor™ is a personal favorite and a big part of our company culture, more than ever in a remote environment.

Among many of the principles discussed in Radical Candor, we believe that timely, honest feedback is key to shaping a successful working environment. Kim Scott pulls from past experiences in her positions at Google and Apple, telling funny, painful, and embarrassing stories that are delightful but constructive.

For the legal professional that’s fresh out of law school, to the lawyer who’s the boss of their own firm, Radical Candor offers tips on how to build a better workplace for both managers and colleagues.

Find it at an independently-owned bookstore near you or wherever you buy books.

Cost: approximately $25.00

24. Jack Newton’s The Client-Centered Law Firm

Great gifts for lawyers and law students provide long-lasting and meaningful benefits, like a book that helps you understand how to provide your clients (or future clients if you’re in law school) with an improved client-centered experience.

All lawyers want to give their clients the best experience possible—especially in today’s experience-driven world—but it can be hard to navigate how to apply those ideas at your firm. Clio CEO and Co-founder Jack Newton’s new book, The Client-Centered Law Firm, explores how legal professionals can run a profitable, successful law firm while also offering a client-centered experience.

Find it at an independently-owned bookstore near you or wherever you buy books.

Cost: $14.95 – $28.92 depending on format

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