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Over the past decade, the legal tech industry has come a long way. Every year, there are new solutions that cover everything from common law firm problems, to niche practice-area pain points, to issues legal professionals never even dreamed could be improved.

But advancing legal tech isn’t just about creating better solutions—it’s also about improving how well those tools work together.

This month, we’re looking at the Clio platform, including our most popular integration, and the finalists for our $100,000 Launch//Code contest—they’ll be pitching their integrations live at this year’s Clio Cloud Conference.

The Clio App Directory

Currently, Clio integrates directly with over 100 apps and services, all of which can be found in the Clio App Directory. From accounting and marketing, to eDiscovery and legal research, there’s something to add to every law firm’s tech stack—and why not have all the tools your law firm uses connect to one powerful, central platform?

Why do so many apps integrate with Clio? Part of that has to do with Clio’s Application Programming Interface.

An Application Programming Interface (API) defines how different programs interact with each other, and a more robust API means a greater ability for powerful tools to integrate directly so that users can access everything they need in one place.

Since 2017, Clio has been running off of an updated API that has greatly expanded the ways that other programs can work with Clio. With this API (API v4), developers are empowered to build even more impressive integrations with Clio—giving you powerful options to personalize Clio for your practice and manage your practice even more efficiently.

To further support innovation in the legal technology space, there’s also the Clio Developer Fund, a $1 million fund used to assist new Clio partners in the development and marketing of their integrations.

We’re out to transform the practice of law, for good. Part of that means making sure the tools lawyers need to succeed work well together on one central platform.

Explore the Clio App Directory

Our most popular integration

Which Clio integration do lawyers love most? That would be Clio’s Outlook add-in for Office 365.

Clio’s Outlook add-in removes a large chunk of the rote work required to keep the matters in one’s practice management system up-to-date with all relevant email communications: Emails and attachments sync directly to Clio with just one click—you can even track time in Outlook and have it recorded in Clio.

Clio’s Outlook add-in also lets you:

  • Search and select entire email threads and responses—and sync them to a client matter.
  • Ensure no communication is missed with intuitive bulk filing.

If you’re not sure which Clio integration to try first, the Outlook add-in is certainly a good place to start.

Learn more about Clio’s Outlook Add-in for Office 365

Launch//Code finalists: The future of the Clio platform

What does it take to launch the next great Clio integration? Attendees at this year’s Clio Cloud Conference will find out.

At this year’s conference, Clio is hosting Launch//Code, a unique developer contest with a $100,000 prize, to find the the most creative, powerful, and useful integrations for Clio.

Over the past year, Clio received over 50 submissions to the Launch//Code contest. Finalists were judged on the quality of their integration, level of innovation, and market impact. Five finalists were selected to present at the end of the first day of the 2018 Clio Cloud Conference.

Here are the finalists:


myFirmData allows firms to create custom reports using relevant information stored in Clio, including financial data and custom fields. These reports can then be previewed and exported for further work and analysis, saved to run on-demand, or scheduled to run anytime.


Logikcull automates the tedious and expensive process of eDiscovery and data management in litigation and investigations. When firms drag and drop files into, they are securely uploaded to Logikcull’s cloud-based software and are automatically processed and organized for review—allowing firms to securely conduct searches, tag documents, create notes, remove irrelevant material, and share or produce documents seamlessly.

Your Firm App

Your Firm App provides law firms with a custom-branded native application for their clients on iOS and Android. Through its integration with Clio, Your Firm App provides mobile messaging between attorney and client, task list creation, document uploading and review, and bill payment—right in the palm of the client’s hand.


Tali eliminates the administrative burden of time entry by seamlessly tracking a lawyer’s time throughout the day using nothing more than their voice. Tali works with any Amazon Alexa-enabled device, including mobile phones, making it a time-tracking assistant that goes wherever you go.


ClientSherpa takes the guesswork out of building a friendly and efficient client onboarding experience. With automated client follow-up, and the ability to create custom forms for every matter, firms have fewer no-shows and more happy, engaged clients.

The winner of Launch//Code will be announced on the main stage during the Closing Keynote of the Clio Cloud Conference.

That’s all for this month: We hope to see you on the ground at the Clio Cloud Conference. Until then, stay tuned for more exciting announcements from Clio.

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