Four Reasons To Have An Independent Practice

Many of Clio’s customers solo independent practice. And while they are solo, they are far from alone. In fact, according to the most recent ABA statistics, nearly half of America’s 1.2 million lawyers have an independent practice. This 4th of July, we’re celebrating those independent lawyers with a few of the reasons they love practicing in a solo environment.

Greater Freedom

One of the main reason why so many lawyers go into a solo practice is because they enjoy the freedom that comes with it. While certainly, you are in business to serve your clients’ needs, there are some amazing perks to being on your own. Setting your own hours. Building your own business. Defining your own practice. Working with the people you want to work with. And spending your time on things that matter to you, your family, and your clients. It certainly is a truth we hold to be self-evident—greater freedom is one of the best things about being a solo.

Closer to Clients

Law is a people-friendly business in the sense that lawyers and clients have to trust each other with intimate details; otherwise, their case will fall apart. The client-lawyer relationship is one of the most sacred we have in modern society, so solo practitioners have to have a complete understanding of their clients. In some large law firms, that just isn’t possible as the legal work becomes more about process and has a commodity feel about it. Not so for solos. They often get to know their clients, forging strong and lengthy relationships with them that go beyond just the art of the deal.

Faster Decisions

In bigger firms, decisions are made by partners coming together in committees with the aim of finding a compromise or trying to reach some sort of consensus. They labor over details, minuteia, and politics. They try not to rock the boat—and often turn the most beautiful idea into something bland, boring, and watered down. How depressing. But not so for the solo lawyer. Want something done? Research it, test it out, and make a decision. Boom! You’re done. You’ll have it all sewed up faster than you can say Betsy Ross. And that gives proof through the night that your practice will be ready and raring to go in the morning.

You’re In Control

In a country that celebrates life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, lawyers in big firms often get denied that dream because they have to pursue more billable hours. Solo practitioners, however, become the masters of their own fates. And for those that employ a legal practice management solution, they get to take control of their practices like never before.

Last September, a study found that lawyers who use Clio to manage their practice save on average up to eight hours per week. That’s eight more hours to roast hot dogs, hit the beach, make an apple pie, or watch a fireworks display. And then next week, you can invest that back into your practice. This 4th of July, we tip our hats off to our American customers in solo practices.

Don’t just take our word for it – try it for yourself. Whether a solo, small firm or more, enjoy a free Clio trial and all the perks we can give you to become a successful, independent lawyer through our automated legal management software.

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