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Lawyer Mental Health: How to Practice Mindfulness and Avoid Burnout in Law

Download our guide to practicing mindfulness and avoiding burnout. Learn the importance of lawyer mental health, and ways to implement mindfulness throughout your day.

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American Legal Technology Awards

Wondering what to do the night before ClioCon? Attend the Legal Technology Awards, sponsored by Clio.

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Is Being a Lawyer Stressful? And Other Questions Answered

With ample portrayals of life as a lawyer on TV—it's tempting to frame these stories as reality. But how much of it is true?…

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6 Law Student Mental Health Statistics

Are law students disproportionately impacted by mental health issues? Learn more about law student mental health statistics in this blog.

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Business Plan Template

Download our free law firm business plan template. Start your law firm on the right foot with a clear plan that explains where you’re…

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6 Tips to Becoming a Freelance Paralegal

If you've ever considered the idea of becoming a freelance paralegal, this blog is for you.

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Cultural Competence for Law Firms

Watch this webinar to discover how to enhance cultural competence at your law firm.

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