The heart of the firm—how Clio helps small law firms collaborate, communicate, and more

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Jesse Baez

Brooks & Baez

  • 2021

    Year Founded
  • 2-5

    Number of Staff
  • 2021

    Started Using Clio
  • Richmond, Virginia, USA

  • Contingency


    Fee Types
  • Criminal Defence


    Personal Injury

    Practice Areas

The “nerve center” of Brooks & Baez: How Clio helps a boutique litigation firm stay connected

When opening Brooks & Baez, a boutique litigation firm, Jesse knew he needed to invest in the right technology. Prior to using Clio, many of Jesse’s tasks were handled manually—including client intake and invoicing—and he was using software that did not have any billing features. The inefficiencies that came with so many manual processes caused frustration for Jesse and made it more difficult for him to follow up with his clients.

So, after hearing about Clio through the grapevine, Jesse took a shot on adopting new software with the hope that it could keep up with his small but busy law firm. After one-and-a-half years of working with the software, Jesse “wouldn’t dream of leaving Clio.”

How Clio keeps up with Jesse’s busy practice

1. On-the-go access to everything your firm needs

As a litigator, Jesse often works on the go. Whether at the courthouse, a deposition, or a client meeting, Jesse can keep track of his work and handle routine jobs like billing and delegation using Clio’s mobile app.

“My favorite feature is the ability to work from anywhere. If I’m in the courthouse, I can just pull up the Clio app and bill my time or assign a task, which is great.”

2. Efficient intake process

Jesse’s previous firm used a paper-based intake system. Before retaining a client, Jesse would have to go through page after page of paperwork with the client, obtaining information and requesting documents. It was not a valuable use of time for Jesse or his clients.

Now, with Clio Grow, clients can conveniently provide the information Jesse needs before they come in for their first appointment. That way, Jesse has all of the information at initial client meetings and can focus on helping prospective clients instead of working through paperwork with them.

“Now, 95% of clients come in with the intake form completed. We already know all the details of their case before they step through the door. We have a good idea of what their case looks like and how it’s going to go in the initial stages.”

3. Streamlined client correspondence

Lawyers are familiar with the pain of a full inbox—thankfully, Clio makes it easy to share documents and information without engaging in an endless, back-and-forth email chain. As Jesse notes, it really helps with client communication. Clients can easily drag-and-drop requested files into a folder for their attorney via Clio for Clients.

“The fact that our firm can share a folder and our client can drag and drop the requested documents into the folder is huge. We can see everything instantly, and our clients don’t have to send us 50 emails with text messages and photos.”

4. The heart of the law firm – bringing the Brooks & Baez team together

By using Clio’s cloud-based software, Jesse’s team can confidently update cases from anywhere. Clio gives all staff access to the same information and helps ensure that no task or detail is missed.

“I think the biggest benefit of Clio is having a nerve center that everyone can log into and see the same materials. It’s helped get everyone on the same page.”

What’s next for Brooks & Baez?

Jesse hopes to see Brooks & Baez grow to include four or five attorneys but notes “we’re not trying to be the biggest law firm in town.” He plans to continue growing his client base and to hire more attorneys to assist with files.

Regardless of what the future holds, Clio’s technology and support team will be there to keep his firm connected every step of the way.

“Clio reminds me of Apple, where a lot of stuff is customizable and it integrates with everything. The tech support is awesome and it’s been such an upgrade. I wouldn’t dream of leaving Clio.”

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