How Lawyers Benefit from Attending a Legal Tech Conference

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In today’s fast-paced legal world, it’s imperative to stay on top of the latest trends. Here’s why every lawyer should attend a legal tech conference.

Technology is reshaping the legal profession for good. Almost every single one of a practice’s administrative tasks can now be automated, providing attorneys with more time and energy to focus on client-facing matters. While this is  a step in the right direction, it can also be slightly overwhelming.

The pace of change has reached breakneck speed. Therefore, it’s difficult for time-pressed firms to stay on top of the latest developments in legal tech. Inflation’s hitting record levels, and a recession is likely on its way. So, how can firms employ technology to slash costs while maintaining their performance? Which legal tech software should they focus on, and which should they forget?

One way to find out is by attending a legal tech conference. Take the upcoming ClioCon 2024, for example. Attendees will learn about the sector’s latest developments while also connecting with like-minded attorneys, helping to expand their network.

This article examines how lawyers benefit from attending a legal tech conference. We’ll outline their benefits, dig into what’s usually on the agenda, and explain why they’re far more than just an excuse to spend the day out of the office.

What is legal tech?

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, legal tech refers to technology that helps firms deliver legal services. It can be lawyer-specific, such as document management software, or it can assist with the administrative aspects of running a firm, such as legal accounting software.

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Why you should attend a legal tech conference

Legal tech conferences help lawyers stay up-to-date with a rapidly evolving industry, expanding their knowledge base and network. Below, we take a closer look at the distinct benefits of attending a legal tech conference.

Network with like-minded legal professionals

While lawyers often spend large portions of the week in focus mode, working away on their own, it’s important to remember that nobody can do it alone. Shutting the world out might help lawyers complete tricky tasks. However, it rarely helps them grow their careers or firms grow their profits.

By attending legal tech conferences, attendees can connect with other lawyers, enrich their network, and make invaluable connections that might help them find their next job or hire. They can learn more about how other firms and lawyers operate. Or, they can simply make a friend they enjoy spending time with.

The pandemic put a pause on legal networking opportunities. Now that it’s firmly in the rearview mirror, attorneys should leap at the chance to get back out there and grow their network.

Learn about the latest legal tech trends

Lawyers typically don’t have a ton of time on their hands. They usually bounce from one task to the next as they try to deal with an ever-increasing caseload. Therefore, they might not be aware of the latest legal tech trends. They’re so busy with what’s in front of them (such as calculating their billable hours for the month) that they fail to realize a new software offering could automate this process.

By attending a legal tech conference, attorneys can carve out some time to stay up to date with the sector’s latest trends. They’ll hear from the industry’s most impactful thought-leaders and access the latest research. For example, ClioCon attendees gain early access to Clio’s annual Legal Trends Report.

Consider what Elise Buie, Founder of Elise Buie Family Law, said after last year’s ClioCon:

“I am now going to start blocking out the entire week after ClioCon to think and do all the things that I learned—my brain is exploding with ideas.”

Plus, by attending legal tech conferences, you can identify the latest must-have products and implement them before your competitors. Consider that ClioCon attendees get early access to exciting new product releases and feature updates before anyone else.

As Kayleigh Evans, COO at Mac Murray & Shuster LLP, said after the last ClioCon,

“Second-time attendee and wouldn’t miss it. Love learning about the releases and launches that the Clio team have been working hard on… I go back to work with a new energy and focus after the conference.”

Engage in hands-on workshops

Your firm might employ legal masterminds, but this doesn’t mean they excel in every area of their job. Take client communications and marketing your services, for example. You can become a lawyer without mastering these skills, but you do need to master them if you want to become a great lawyer.

Legal tech conferences run hands-on workshops that allow lawyers to practice these critical skills in private (well, away from their clients). They can discover the latest best practices, learn where their current approach is letting them down, and go through live dry runs to rehearse specific situations, such as relaying bad news to a client.

Lawyers can iron out the creases and become more well-rounded professionals. This is a win-win-win, benefitting the firm, the lawyer,  and their clients.

Lawyers meeting at legaltech workshop

Meet your legal tech vendors

Legal conferences are a great opportunity to engage with sponsors and vendors outside of the sessions/workshops. Head over to your provider’s booth during a coffee break for a chat and put a face to a name, meeting the people behind the product. Plus, you can even grab yourself some free swag. What’s not to love?

Check out this year’s ClioCon sponsors here.

Earn CLE and CPD credit

The law is constantly evolving, meaning lawyers have a duty to keep up. Attorneys must take personal responsibility for ensuring they’re up to speed with the latest legal developments. Therefore, CLE and CPD are top priorities for attorneys across all sectors.

Legal tech conferences allow lawyers to stay abreast with the sector’s most recent changes. That’s why every year, ClioCon seeks eligibility for CLE and CPD credits for lawyers licensed to practice law in the United States and Canada.

Attend in person or online

It’s fantastic to be able to once again hold in-person legal tech conferences. However, not everyone can drop what they’re doing and travel to a conference—especially if they live in another state or country. Fortunately, most legal tech conferences are now offered in person or online, making it easy to find an attendance option that works with your schedule and/or budget. This year, ClioCon virtual passess are only $49.

Find out more information on ClioCon 2022’s pricing and attendance options here.

Lawyer attending legaltech conference remotely

Advance your practice

Learning is useless without action. So, as interesting as attending a legal tech conference might be, it matters for little unless you put the insights you gathered into action.

Discover previously unknown gold dust that will help you advance your practice. Take our multi-year analysis on online payments, for example. Our research team recently discovered firms that use online payments strongly outperform those that don’t. We’ll dig into the whats, whys, and hows in more detail at ClioCon, but in summary, the findings provide an irrefutable case for adopting online payment systems.

Expect more of these types of insights to be shared at this year’s ClioCon.

The final word on attending legal tech conferences

By attending legal tech conferences, attorneys can keep up with the industry’s latest changes, expand their network, earn CLE/CPD credit, hone their skills, meet their legal tech vendors, and perfect their practice. Best of all, these conferences are now available both in person and online—meaning everybody can benefit from the array of benefits they offer.

If you’re thinking of attending a conference in the near future, look no further. You can check out our highlights from ClioCon 2023 and register for ClioCon 2024 now. We look forward to seeing you there/online!

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