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  • Tenet Law logo

    “With Clio I was able to successfully support remote working and therefore build a practice with lower overheads. Over the past 3 years Clio has become the essential tool for our firm’s growth and we have been shortlisted for numerous awards, including awards for innovation.”



    Tenet Law, England

  • Avery Law logo

    “I can set up a new matter, and get an engagement letter on the system and sent out very quickly, I used to spend sometimes 30 minutes to an hour preparing engagement letters and getting a client onboarded. Now I can get the client onboarded in 10 to 15 minutes.”



    Avery Law, London

  • The Injury Solicitor logo

    “Deciding to set up a law firm whilst in the midst of a global pandemic meant that I needed a case management system which could perform from anywhere, whilst at the same time keeping client data safe and offering me the technical support I needed. Clio was the obvious winner for me.”



    The Injury Solicitor, Manchester

  • FidLaw logo

    “Clio is very user friendly and helps us comply with SRA rules and regulations.”



    FidLaw, England

  • Ubique Legal logo

    “Clio Grow has helped save my practice. I’ve been a Clio Grow customer for over a year and the volume of leads my firm receives would be impossible to track without using Clio Grow. The system is very intuitive and easy to use.”



    Ubique Legal, Birmingham

  • Every Law logo

    “I save at least 1-2 days a month on billing admin since I adopted Clio. This is really important to me as firm owner as it allows me to allocate more time to other firm resources.”



    Every Law, Lithuania

  • Farha Associates logo

    “Clio has been instrumental in setting up and running our boutique practice.  It’s an instrumental tool and daily part of everyone’s working day in the firm”


    James Farha

    Farha & Associates, England

  • Fortune Law logo

    “Clio has revolutionised our practice and we simply can’t do without it. Billing that once took hours now takes a matter of minutes. The team from sales to ongoing support have been nothing but totally supportive and the online Q&A pages save us so much time.”



    Fortune Law, England

  • Digital Law logo

    “Clio’s secure accessibility across multiple devices ensures everyone on our team can see what they need to do and can pull together no matter where in the world they may be. Centralised document management and secure communication via Clio Connect are also big bonuses.”



    Digital Law, England