Finalists Announced for Inaugural Integration Awards Celebrating Excellence and Innovation in Clio's App Directory

Clio announces nine groundbreaking finalists that are revolutionizing legal technology across three award categories: Best New App, Best Practice of Law App, and Best Business of Law App


The Integration Awards, a platform to recognize and celebrate excellence and innovation in the Clio App Directory, the legal industry’s largest app ecosystem, is thrilled to announce the finalists for each of the three award categories. 

After a rigorous evaluation process, the finalists were selected based on scorecards submitted by nine esteemed judges encompassing legal media, former Reisman Award winners, and employees from across the organization. 

“The competition was intense, with numerous impressive submissions in each category,” said Jack Newton, CEO and Founder of Clio. “The Integration Awards are a chance to showcase and reward the remarkable achievements of developers and their apps, highlighting the significant impact they have made on the legal industry.”

Best New App Finalists

This category recognizes the creativity and ingenuity of apps added to Clio’s App Directory in the past 12 months.

The finalists for the Best New App include:

CollBox—automating accounts receivable for law firms, ensuring timely payment and allowing lawyers to focus on delivering the best client experience.

MotaWord—assisting lawyers working in a global legal industry by providing seamless and cost-effective translation services. Their platform maintains the intent, tone, and legal nuances of documents in various languages.

Vaultie—safeguarding lawyers’ time, money, and legal reputation against the increasing threat of fraud. Their suite of tools, including identity verification and secure document storage, helps lawyers establish trust and verify credentials.

Best Practice of Law App Finalists

This category honors apps that empower lawyers to enhance their performance and elevate their legal practice. 

The finalists for the Best Practice of Law App include:

AltFee—equipping law firms with the tools to adopt a client-centered approach to pricing. By aligning fees with the value provided, legal professionals can become more profitable, and clients can have upfront cost certainty.

Fidu—propelling law firms into the future by facilitating the transition from an hourly billing structure to a subscription-based model. It revolutionizes the legal experience by enabling legal teams to scale their services and eliminate the billable hour.

Gavel—universalizing access to legal services, allowing attorneys to provide affordable unbundled legal services. By offering alternative business models, law firms and other legal services companies can reduce prices and reach a broader user base.

Best Business of Law App Finalists

This category celebrates apps that are helping law firms run efficient and effective businesses, not just legal practices. 

The finalists for the Best Business of Law App include:

Hona—creating a central hub for all client interactions, automating client education and updates. By utilizing Hona, lawyers can focus on winning their cases while providing clients with a standout experience.

Kolleno—streamlining financial operations in businesses and legal firms by simplifying the collection, receipt, and reconciliation of payments. Their mission is to drive the legal industry towards a future that is more efficient, client-centered, and data-driven.

Levitate—making the world a more entrepreneurial and creative place by developing software that helps small businesses grow. Designed specifically for relationship-based firms, such as legal practices, Levitate facilitates authentic communication at scale.

“These finalists represent the cutting-edge of legal technology, and we’re excited to recognize their achievements,” added Jack. “Their apps have the potential to transform the legal industry and improve the lives of legal professionals and their clients.”

The finalists and winners will enjoy extensive recognition within Clio’s app, customer, and venture communities, culminating with a special announcement at the Clio Cloud Conference. Winners will be announced in the coming weeks, so be sure to follow Clio for the latest news.