Get Paid 40% Faster - Managed Accounts Receivable including phonecalls
Available in the United States
Starting at $299 per month USD

Key benefits for your firm

  • Fully Managed A/R From a Trained Expert

    Your dedicated A/R Specialist takes on past-due bill follow up (including friendly, professional phone calls) to get you paid for your hard work. CollBox's staff is comprised of trained, Accounts Receivable experts who know how to get you paid and make you look great in the process.
  • Reduce Collections Lockup by 40%

    Get paid faster than ever before by letting CollBox implement industry best practices for you, automatically, while ensuring clients always receive friendly, professional communications using time-tested cadences and approaches.
  • Save 80% Over Hiring, Launch In 1 Week

    The average A/R Clerk's salary is $50,000 USD (plus hiring, training, benefits, retention). Get the same quality service, tailored to your size of firm, for 1/5th of the cost and have it live next week. All reps are native English speakers (with Spanish available upon request).

How CollBox works with Clio

  • How CollBox works with Clio

    • Integrates with Clio Manage to put past-due bill follow-up on autopilot.
    • Seamlessly syncs bill data from Clio Manage so you can start getting paid same-day
    • Comes with a dedicated A/R Specialist who will consistently follow up on all past-due customers with a friendly, professional tone
    • All contacts with your clients are shown transparently right within the CollBox dashboard

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