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  • Mailform

    Mailform is the easiest way to print and mail FedEx Standard Overnight, USPS Priority, Express, Certified & First Class Mail…

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  • Split Billing

    Split Billing provides a quick and easy way to bill multiple clients for portions of the same work in Clio.…

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  • Scrive eSign

    Bridge the final gap to 100% paperless operations with Scrive eSign. E-sign your documents quickly and securely from Clio with Scrive,…

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  • PwC InsightsOfficer

    InsightsOfficer is an automated bookkeeping, billing, and insights solution for firms like yours. With less time wasted on admin, and easier…

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  • firmTRAK Visualize

    FirmTRAK provides the ability to harness your data and unlock the potential of your law firm with instant, ready-made and…

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  • Auto Recovery Cost

    Auto Recovery Cost

    Auto Recovery Cost (ARC) has developed a fully automated process to import common expenses directly into Clio. ARC is able…

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  • Web


    BillerAssist lets you review and approve an entire month of billing in minutes. All you have to do is look…

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  • Invoice Tracker

    Improve cash flow and efficiency with Invoice Tracker by eBillity. Designed to improve cash flow, the automatic email reminders follow…

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  • Xero

    Xero is beautiful, easy-to-use online accounting software designed for businesses and their advisors. Xero uses the best of the web…

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  • QuickBooks Online

    Eliminate the headaches of legal accounting. Clio and QuickBooks Online take the complexity out of legal accounting for lawyers and their…

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  • LEDESConvert

    LEDESConvert easily and securely converts invoices between different LEDES formats. Converting invoices manually can take hours, costing law firms significant…

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  • Accounting Export

    Accounting Export allows you to export Clio time entries to other accounting systems such as Juris.

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  • Klyant

    Klyant is the most comprehensive standalone cloud based legal accounting application for European law firms. Klyant’s bespoke system removes the need…

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  • Digitory Legal

    Digitory Legal is your automated pricing consultant. Digitory Legal solves the challenging and often time-consuming problem of creating legal budgets.…

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  • TrustBooks

    TrustBooks is trust accounting software for small law firms. TrustBooks is designed specifically for attorneys to help them easily manage…

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