Your personal injury suite for Clio
Available in the United States
Starting at $80 per month USD

Key benefits for your firm

  • Automate medical record retrieval

    With Candle, Clio users can save hours of time per week by automating the historically tedious task of medical record retrieval. In short, the Candle integration adds custom-tailored medical record retrieval buttons directly in Clio to help law firms become more efficient.
  • Track requests and set auto-reminders with ease and transparency

    Candle helps firms track medical record requests with a powerful, cloud-based automated request log that firms can easily access from Clio. Users can effortlessly set request reminders in Candle, and receive automated email reminders from Clio when request deadlines arrive. In short, Candle gives your personal injury team the tools it needs to track requests and move cases forward.
  • Track Liens, Bills, Write-Offs, and Expenses

    Candle provides users with a simple and neat way to track bills, liens, expenses, and write-offs. Candle also gives legal professionals the ability to record and push record processing expenses directly to their Clio Activities tab.

How Candle works with Clio

  • Candle securely connects with your firm’s Clio account to pull the information necessary to automate medical record requests. Candle transmits the requests for you. You never have to leave Clio/Candle to complete your record requests, saving valuable time for your business. Once you create your request, you can easily access your personal injury suite of tools in Clio to track requests, set reminders, track billing and lien data, and more. Watch a video here.

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