Colossus by Legal DNA

Manage life-cycle issues from when to call to get your bills paid, to matter closing letters.
Available in Canada, Europe, the United States

Key benefits for your firm

  • Financial health

    Color coding of clients by bill payment status to quickly see problems and manage your portfolio. Software recommendations of when to bill and call clients for collections via easy-to-use daily billing and collections lists.
  • Client practice

    Dashboards and reports available 24/7 on demand, and via email, that show you several management-worthy issues. Examples include reports by responsible attorney, slowly advancing matters, late matters versus their estimated completion dates, and detailed payment information. A suite of closing letters allows you to quickly and professionally close matters.
  • Lead management

    Best practice recommendations and testing for new lead sources so that a return on investment can be calculated, and a seasoned team of professionals is available to help you manage your leads through to conversion.
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