Dendri is a task and project management suite for agile firms. Dendri lets you superpower your Clio tasks by syncing matters into Dendri projects and letting you develop workflows, organize your work into teams and aggregate all your tasks in a single dashboard.

Key Features

  • Matter Tasks

    * Clio Tasks can be organized in Kanban boards with detailed statuses, labels, comments and rich text information.
    Grouping Work

    * Assign Matter tasks to individual users or to a team to organize similar work together. For example, tag all of your brief writing to a single board so you can track your deadlines and progress.
    Individual Organization

    * All of your assigned tasks across all of your matters are displayed on your personal dashboard where you can organize them however it makes sense for you. Anyone else on your team can work with their tasks in their own view without impacting your thought process. Dendri lets you work together on tasks without all having to work the same way.
    Seamless sync

    Any matter you sync between Clio and Dendri will update all of the matter and client contact information. Easily toggle a matter on or off or select which matters to sync from our integrations dashboard. When you drag a task to done in Dendri, it is automatically marked as complete in Clio.