Dendri supercharges your Clio tasks and workflows with boards and automation
Available in Canada, the United States
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Starting at $15 per month USD

Key benefits for your firm

  • Build Kanban boards for each Matter

    Improve your task workflow by using Dendri to add visual statuses to progress your tasks through stages or organize your work by type so you can visualize everything happening in your workflow.
  • Assign and Collaborate on your tasks with multiple users

    Use Dendri to assign tasks to multiple users or assign a task to a team to work on similar work on a single board across matters. See all of your assigned tasks on your own personal dashboard regardless of the matter, and freely organize your work however it makes sense for you while still working together as a team.
  • Build automated workflows with checklists and automations

    Automate your tasks to update status, assignees, deadlines based on updates or deadlines. Build pre-defined checklists with blockers to complete in a specific order or promote a checklist item into a sub-task to assign the task, add notes, comments, and collaborate with your team.

How Dendri works with Clio

  • Dendri syncs your matters and individual tasks in both directions. Complete a task in Dendri and it will be marked as done in Clio and vice versa. Keep your important case details in sync so you know what needs to be done wherever you are. Dendri is for attorneys who want to work in an efficient agile way to do more with less time.

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