Digitory Legal

Digitory Legal is your automated pricing consultant. Digitory Legal solves the challenging and often time-consuming problem of creating legal budgets. Our web-based platform helps lawyers create accurate budgets in a fraction of the time, while helping manage legal teams to those numbers.

Digitory Legal provides sample “template” budgets that can be copied and customized easily. These templates are more than budgets; they are detailed litigation plans pre-populated with the critical thinking needed to understand matter staffing and manage teams. Using these templates, lawyers can map out an extremely detailed budget for any type of case in less than 45 minutes.

Our budget framework clearly describes the anticipated scope of the case at a task and timekeeper level. This detail helps firms price alternative fee arrangements and effectively compete on RFPs.

Key Features

  • • Fully customizable litigation "templates" with task-level detail and optional activity code tracking
    • Easy-to-use copy/customize features
    • Collaboration features
    • Easy-to-read budget reports that make costs-per-task and budget assumptions clear
    • Cost-over-time tracking
    • Customizable roles and permissions
    • Matter-level profit modeling
    • Budget versioning
    • Financial reports
    • Push budget matter budget numbers to Clio
    • Push automated task creation and tracking to Clio
    • Actual-to-budget tracking in Clio