FirmScribe makes it easy to sync your work texts with Clio. FirmScribe lets you text from your favorite app (Messages on iOS or your default Android SMS app). Create a “group text” with the person you want to message and your FirmScribe number, and the texts go straight to Clio!

Key Features

  • Capture Texts with Clients and Attorneys
    - Selected threads automatically feed into Clio every 5 minutes

    Assign Directly to Matters
    - Texting "Matter 00002-Jones" in a thread will assign it to Matter 00002-Jones in Clio.
    - Reassign the Matter as often as you'd like by entering a new code. Great for when you're texting someone about multiple Matters!

    Keep Private Texts Private
    - Your personal texts don't go to Clio or FirmScribe. They stay on your phone.
    - You can even have two threads with the same person, one going to Clio and one not.

    Simple to Use
    - Use the messaging app built into your phone or Mac.
    - No special app to install.
    - Total setup takes less than 60 seconds.
    - After setup, you just use your messaging app and Clio.

    An End to Screenshots and Searching for Texts
    - It's all in Clio now.

    Supported Devices
    - iPhone
    - Android
    - Blackberry
    - Windows Phone
    - Even flip phones!

    Supported Data Types
    - iMessages
    - SMS
    - MMS

    Try the FirmScribe-Clio integration for free.
    - No credit card required.
    - Just sign up at
    - You'll be setup and texting in less than 60 seconds!