GroupFund Legal

Crowdfunding for lawyers! GroupFund Legal provides a secure and easy-to-use way for lawyers to get paid, while charging their clients less. Unlike other crowdfunding options, GroupFund Legal maintains your client’s privacy and confidentiality.

Key Features

  • GroupFund Legal’s crowdfunding platform re-imagines and automates the way law firms, businesses, individuals, and trade groups pay for legal fees and raise funds.

    GroupFund Legal provides a secure, confidential and easy-to-use platform for lawyers to: (a) raise funds; (b) divide the cost of otherwise expensive legal fees; (c) privately invite potentially large numbers of participants to share the cost of legal services; and (d) manage and keep track of responses and cost share calculations.

    The potential use cases are endless! For example, you can use GroupFund Legal to:

    • Raise funds for expensive private litigation, by inviting friends or family members
    • Easily divide the cost of legal work for a small company among all the stakeholders
    • Conduct large scale projects for a number of clients, with each client paying only a fraction of the total cost of the resulting work product
    • Easily announce, organize, and manage a “reverse RFP", in which a law firm invites clients to band together to fund the solution to a common problem
    • Businesses can also conduct “reverse RFPs", by using GroupFund Legal to invite other affected businesses to share in hiring a law firm
    • Trade groups can distribute the cost of expensive lobbying efforts or other endeavors among various interested members
    • Clients can use GroupFund Legal to easily divide legal expenses among themselves, or even among business units in the same company