Sonar Data AI and Direct Marketing Automation

Sonar is an absolute game-changer that enables Clio users to quickly identify individuals that find themselves in immediate need of legal services.

Sonar enables Clio users to quickly “FETCH” and “ANALYZE” thousands of records/reports from multiple online and offline public and private data sources to “IDENTIFY” and “INITIATE” contact with potential clients, all within a few clicks!

Key Features

  • Sonar's Data AI
    ∙ Sonar enabled Clio customers to monitor and fetch reports, records, or any specified information updated from multiple online/offline public and private data sources such as court records, police reports, accident/incident reports, or from any lead source relative to your practice. Sonar then extracts contact information and populates a ready to execute mailing list.

    Sonar’s Marketing AI:
    ∙ Sonar can help to quickly convert these prospects into clients using intelligent, automated, same day direct mail, email, and social media targeting.

    Sonar Clio Manage & Grow Integration
    ∙ Sonar instantly pushes all marketing activities into your Clio Manage and Clio Grow accounts.

    ABA Compliance
    ∙ Sonar validates each mailing to assure compliance is met before and after sending. Your dedicated account manager will assist in designing your ABA compliant marketing content or review and approve any marketing materials you'd like to use.

    Records Management Compliance
    ∙ Sonar keeps all mandatory mailing records online with copies of each mailed advertisement, along with recipients’ info and other mailing related information.
    ∙ Records are stored for 2 years or the mandated required amount of time. Audit reports can easily be viewed online or downloaded.