Sonar Data AI and Direct Marketing Automation

Sonar is an absolute game changer that enables Clio users to quickly identify and initiate immediate DIRECT contact with individuals who find themselves in immediate need of legal services. All within a few clicks!

Key Features

  • How it Works!

    The Sonar Data AI and Direct Marketing Automation platform enables Clio users to search, extract and verify unrepresented potential clients from thousands of court records, police reports and other public information sources. Sonar then initiates immediate contact using ABA compliant direct marketing mail and targeted social media ads.

    Sonar Identity Verification and Data Enrichment
    ∙ Using just a name of Sonar will append contact information with current & previous addresses, phone numbers & emails and more by searching multisource databases of billions of public records including consumer data, demographic data, government data, telco data and historical data.

    Sonar Direct Marketing AI
    ∙ Sonar can then initiate DIRECT contact using ABA compliant direct marketing letters, postcards or brochures.

    Sonar Digital & Social Media Tracker
    ∙ Sonar enables you to display your ads exclusively to targeted individual’s social media feeds.

    Sonar Integrates with Clio Manage & Grow
    ∙ Sonar instantly pushes marketing activities into your Clio Manage account. Leverage Sonar and Grow to create and automate ABA compliant email drip campaigns.

    ABA Compliance
    ∙ Sonar validates each advertisement to assure compliance is met before and after sending. Your dedicated account manager will assist in designing your ABA compliant marketing content or review and approve any marketing materials you'd like to use.