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Summer’s over, and the changing of seasons means an opportunity to refocus and recharge. This month at Clio we’ve been busy with plenty of updates to help your firm stay productive, secure, and organized as you get down to business this fall. There are new ways to streamline your intake forms, updates and enhancements to your Clio account security, resources to help you learn more about client-centered lawyering, and much more. Read on for what’s new at Clio this month.

Multiple contacts per intake form in Clio Grow

Client intake isn’t always the most straightforward process, and sometimes it involves more than one contact. To help you stay organized and further streamline your client intake process, Clio Grow’s latest functionality now lets you add multiple contacts to a single intake form.

If you’re doing intake for a new legal matter that involves multiple contacts, you can now capture details for each contact, and have them associated with the matter.

You can add multiple contacts to both public and non-public intake forms:

  • Public forms: Each contact on the form will be created as a new contact and will be associated with the new matter. 
  • Non-public forms: You can select which contact (or contacts) from the existing matter should be updated by mapping them to the contact fields on the form. 

And, if you want to collect custom field data, questions on the intake form can be mapped to any of the custom fields for each contact.

Learn more about multiple contacts per intake form in Clio Grow.

Updates + enhancements to account security at Clio

Clio has grown from a single product into a suite of software solutions, and—as our product solutions have evolved—we’re prioritizing accessibility, security, and overall ease of use for you as you work between Clio applications. With that in mind, we have a few upcoming updates and enhancements to your Clio account security:

My Account

We’ll be introducing a new home for your user security-related settings—My Account

My Account will also feature updated password criteria to help you make sure that all users are using strong passwords for security.

Single Sign-On

We’re also working on creating single sign-on (SSO) functionality for the Clio Suite. SSO will let you securely access, and work between, all of your Clio products—while using a single username and password.

Firm Security Tab

We’re making it easier to see who has two-factor authentication enabled at your firm. The newly added “Firm Security” tab in Settings/Security in Clio Manage displays the two-factor authentication (2FA) status for your firm’s active users. If someone at your firm does not have 2FA enabled, admins can use the “Invite to enable 2FA” link to send that user an email requesting that they enable 2FA for their account.

Design your law firm’s new normal

Designing Your Law Firm’s New Normal social image

Dealing with the unpredictability of 2020 has been a challenge for everyone, and many law firms are countering these times of uncertainty with innovation—but how can you know if your innovative ideas will really work for your firm? From adding a new practice area to creating a new service offering, change can bring success—but, if it’s not the right fit, it can also sink your firm.

To help you separate ideas that work on paper only from ideas that will actually be successful in your specific situation, legal industry expert Mike Whelan, Jr.’s new e-book, Designing Your Law Firm’s New Normal, walks you—step-by-step—through how to test your ideas before you invest in them.

The free e-book provides a model to help you to effectively (and quickly) assess potential new service ideas for your law firm. You’ll learn how to:

  • Brainstorm—without burning out
  • Stress-test each idea from every angle
  • Check whether your idea will be profitable

You can get your free copy of Designing Your Law Firm’s New Normal here

Text on background: On the agenda: Managing our new reality

And, while we’re talking about Mike Whelan, Jr., here’s an important reminder: Don’t forget to get your passes for next month’s Clio Cloud Conference ASAP—Mike, along with many other incredible industry experts, will be speaking at the conference!

The Client-Centered Law Firm: Audiobook now available

It’s going to be a busy autumn, and finding the time to sit down with a book—even one offering the valuable insights your law firm needs to succeed in today’s legal marketplace—can be a challenge. That’s why this announcement is perfectly timed: The book on client-centered lawyering, The Client-Centered Law Firm, is now available in audiobook form!

Whether you haven’t had a chance to read it yet or you want to enjoy it again in the convenience of audio form, it’s now easier than ever to take in the bestselling book by legal tech expert and Clio CEO and Co-founder, Jack Newton.

What will you hear in The Client-Centered Law Firm?

Jack’s book serves as a practical blueprint to help law firms access untapped demand in the legal market by giving legal customers the experience they expect in today’s experience-driven world. The Client-Centered Law Firm shows you how to deliver client-centered experiences, improve internal processes, and enhance profitability.

Available in both paperback, e-book, and—now—audiobook formats, The Client-Centered Law Firm offers:

  • The what, why, and how of running a client-centered practice
  • Examples from law firms
  • Practical strategies for implementation

Learn more about The Client-Centered Law Firm, and get your copy today.

Innovate Legal Presents: A Course in Client-Centered Lawyering

Clio Stickers Client Centered ABA Tech Show

Want to learn even more about client-centered lawyering, and how it can be useful for your firm? Clio’s Course in Client-Centered Lawyering will help you learn what it takes to create a client-centered law firm and explain the benefits a client-centered practice can yield for your firm and clients.

The first three sessions are available now on demand, so you can catch up in time for the final session (on September 30) on implementing a client-centered approach.

The best part: Attend all four sessions (live, or on-demand), and you’ll be able to get Client-Centered Certified—you’ll get a badge (like the one above) to put on your law firm’s website to let your clients know you’re putting their needs first.

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