Top 20 Best Law Firm Websites in 2023

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Good law firm websites give your clients a place to connect with you online. Great lawyer websites are easy to navigate and are clear on what services they offer.

But the best law firm websites provide an effortless, client-centered experience while projecting a strong, clear brand for your practice.

We’ve updated our list of the 20 best law firm websites in 2023 using the following criteria: client experience, branding, and technical factors. Be sure to check out who made the cut this year (there’s both familiar and new faces) for inspiration for your own law firm website.

How does your law firm’s website stack up?

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1. ASA Law Group

ASA law firm website homepage

Topping the list of best law firm websites is ASA Law Group, a worker’s compensation defense firm based in Oak Brook, Illinois. Their website shows off their expertise, practice areas, and how they cater to the needs of business clients, emphasizing a client-centered practice rather than a billable one. Moreover, they demonstrate how they meet their clients’ needs by showcasing telebriefs in their News section.

2. Beacon Law

Beacon Law firm website

Many lawyer websites fall into the trap of over complicating their website and making it confusing to the user. Beacon Law manages to avoid this by making it abundantly clear who they are and what they are about, right on their homepage: “We champion equal justice for homeless, low-income individuals and remedy the conditions that burden and marginalize them.”

They also have a clear and easy-to-find online intake form right on their homepage. This makes the user experience much smoother for those looking to access legal services quickly.

3. Bend Law Group

Ben Law firm website

All of the best law firm websites place a strong emphasis on branding and getting their message across as soon as the visitor lands on the website. Bend Law Group does this in spectacular fashion with an eye-catching homepage header which reads “Dream big. We got your back.”

On top of that, Bend has been mentioned in several impressive publications, and the firm also showcases their top SuperLawyer, Avvo, and Yelp ratings on their home page.

Finally, the firm prominently features its phone number, address, and email, so clients and potential clients can contact them easily.

Their law firm specializes in business and intellectual property law based in San Francisco, California.

4. California Innocence Project

California Innocence Project Website

The California Innocence Project helps to free wrongfully convicted individuals in California. The power of their website lies in its simplicity. It knows the work they do will quickly inspire and resonate with their audience, so their website design prioritizes strong visuals and copy to make their mission clear. It’s also quick to answer questions about what innocence organizations are and why support is needed right away.

Law firm websites are rarely this impactful.

5. Evolve Law

Evolve Law Firm Website

The Canadian based Family Law practice, Evolve Law, makes it incredibly easy for new and current clients to find their way around their website, with clear navigation and service offerings. Their contact information is right on the homepage, and they’ve made it easy to conduct intake with multiple calls-to-action to get in touch with them. Plus? They have a blog section dedicated to providing visitors with information related to Family Law. We also like that they provide social proof, such as testimonials from former clients.

6. Fresh Legal

Screenshot of Fresh Legal's law firm intake landing page with "book a free call" in the top left

Fresh Legal makes our list of best law firm websites due to their excellent use of reassuring copy and eye-catching visuals that play on the law firm’s name. As soon as a website visitor lands on their homepage, they’re prompted to schedule a free call. This is important, because it diminishes worries about the initial cost of legal services, on top of the difficulties a potential client with legal issues may be facing.

Fresh Legal is a family law firm based in Ottawa, Canada.  Another thing they do well is highlight their expertise through content marketing and by blogging regularly on issues related to their practice areas.

7. Harvey-Jacob Law

Harvey-Jacob Law firm wesbite

Harvey-Jacob Law’s website makes it clear what they stand for and how they can help you. They are a business and intellectual property law firm, helping domestic & international professionals, entrepreneurs, small business start-ups, and creators build and protect their business. Like many others on our list of best law firm websites, Harvey-Jacob Law provides several calls-to-action so that prospective clients can get in touch with them.

8. Hoglund, Chwialkowski & Mrozik, P.L.L.C.

Hoglund website

Hoglund, Chwialkowski & Mrozik, P.L.L.C., a rapidly-growing bankruptcy and Social Security law firm headquartered in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, understand the above concept perfectly.

Firstly, their clear homepage highlights their practice areas front-and-center, letting clients know they’re in the right place. Then, their phone number is highlighted with a call-to-action button in a bright color, making them easy to contact, and the firm highlights that clients can get started for zero-dollars, easing cost concerns.

9. K Bennett Law LLC

K Bennett Law LLC is a boutique subscription legal services firm. Kim Bennett is a New Jersey and Pennsylvania attorney running her IP practice out of Atlanta, Georgia.

Their website design makes it clear that the firm is there to support law firms right from the start. Creating a strong first impression, the clean, well-designed home page offers three different ways to get in contact, including a live chat or scheduling a consultation. As well, the home page details different types of services offered, and highlights that everything is 100% flat fee because this is important for cost conscious new business owners with predictable budgets.

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10. Kinchloe Law

Kinchloe Law Website

Kinchloe Law, a firm that covers family, disability, and business law in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has a website design that makes the user experience simple to navigate. They make it easy to get in contact with a banner, clear button, and option to start chatting right from their home page. Furthermore, founder Alycia Kinchloe showcases her expertise on the site with A House Divided: A Family Law Podcast.

11. LayRoots

LayRoots website

LayRoots, an asset protection and estate planning law firm in Seattle, Washington, has one of the best law firm websites online today.

Their site immediately grabs the attention of its visitors with a clear call to action for anyone who’s on the fence about asset protection (“You earned it. Protect it or risk losing it.”). To make it easy to reach out, their address (with a map) and a “contact us” form are ingrained throughout the website design at the bottom of every page, and you can schedule a consultation by picking a time from their calendar, saving time. They also offer social proof with multiple reviews from Google to back up their services and client-centered work.

12. Levine Family Law Group

Levine Family Law

Levine Family Law Group, a full-service, million-dollar divorce and family legal practice serving California’s Bay Area, has a clean, inviting web design that clearly describes services offered, and how Levine Group best meets client needs: “Divorce is stressful. Our goal is to minimize the cost and disruption to your life.”.

What we like the most about their website is that their services section not only provides practice areas, they offer a thorough breakdown of ways they can help families, from mediation, to full representation, to second opinions.

13. Locks Law Firm

Locks Law website

Locks Law Firm, a personal injury law firm with offices in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York, builds confidence with clients on its homepage by highlighting that it gets results—over $1 billion, to be exact. Clients can easily find out if they have a case (without waiting to contact someone), and fill out a form to contact the firm right from the homepage, all for free.

14. Modern Law

Modern Law firm website

Modern Law, a family practice firm based in Mesa, Arizona, gives clients a clear path to get their questions answered from their homepage. What we love about their homepage is the accessibility options displayed up front, providing accessibility options like a text reader, text magnifier, and color display options, amongst others.

We also like that clients can book a consultation using the clear, bright call-to-action button in the middle of the page, or they can choose from options related to their specific situation, like “I am researching law firms” or “I need affordable divorce options.”

15. Palace Law

Palace Law firm website

Palace Law, a personal injury law and worker’s compensation firm based in Tacoma, Washington, follows the best law firm websites mantra of building trust in their services. They do this by showcasing recognition and awards front-and-center on its homepage, backing up the fact that they’re a “top rated” law firm. There are multiple ways to contact the firm (in both English and Spanish!) and clients can easily find out what their case is worth.

16. Roach Law

Roach Law Website

Roach Law has experienced trial attorneys with law offices in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Their law firm website clearly highlights their phone number and makes it easy to schedule a consultation with an intake form on their website. And, for each practice area the firm serves, clients can easily find out more about what’s covered and if it meets their needs, or book a consultation right away.

17. ELC MD

ELC MD firm website

Right off the bat, ELC MD’s homepage is eye-catching with its minimalist design and bold copy. “We sue bad bosses” and “You need to talk to an employment lawyer (like, right now). We can do that” are some great examples of copywriting; some of the best we’ve ever seen on a law firm website.

ELC MD focuses on employment law in Maryland and leverages its non-profit status, new technologies, and alternative billing arrangements to make employment representation affordable for more Maryland workers. Their website copy uses a problem and solution framework that identifies visitors’ pain points, shows that they understand how frustrating they are, and offers solutions through their services. This kind of model is incredibly effective and persuasive.

18. Elevator Law

Elevator Law firm website

Elevator Law is another firm that makes the list for its excellent copywriting and marketing.

This wills and estates law firm’s mission is persuasive and compelling: “You have an important story. Protect your life’s work”. This kind of client-centered storytelling is woven consistently throughout the website, with imagery that exudes the comforting, small-town feel.  We also love that this Alberta, Canada-based law firm offers a 15-minute free consultation for prospective clients and online payments.

19. Vela Wood

Vela Wood firm website


Vela Wood, a law firm for small businesses and venture capital funds in Dallas and Austin, showcases sleek, professional branding on their website to illustrate the level of service clients can expect. And, the firm also features a podcast, venture glossary, and “startup central” section of its site. This helps build trust and show support for their business clients.

20. Ziva Law

Ziva Law Website

Completing our list of the best law firm websites is Ziva Law, a firm focused on negotiating commercial leases based in Honolulu, Hawaii.

What they do a great job of is making their offering clear, as well as the reasons a company or business should choose to work with them. They offer a free due diligence checklist for commercial tenants on their site. This is helpful, because it builds trust and authority with clients.

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How we determined the best law firm websites

Below, we’ve included the criteria we used to determine the best law firm websites. Take a look, and see how your  firm’s website stacks up! You can read our criteria below, or download them in the form of our law firm website scorecard. You can also learn more about building great lawyer websites with our comprehensive guide.

Get the Law Firm Website Scorecard

To evaluate your website against the best law firm websites, you’ll need to look at three areas:

  1. Client experience
  2. Branding
  3. Technical factors

Good client experience

  • Is the site’s content clear and easy to understand? Keep it simple. All of the best law firm websites get straight to the point, and don’t bury visitors in legal jargon. You’ll need good copywriting and plain language to succeed.
  • Is the site easy to navigate? Your layout should be intuitive, so potential clients don’t get lost. Structure your website with clear navigation so your visitors don’t get frustrated or confused.
  • Do visitors know what services you offer? What legal services are included and how do they benefit the client? How do the services relate to problems a client is facing (and how you can solve them)? Address these with a clear description of services offered on your website.
  • Is it easy to find the firm’s contact information? Clients shouldn’t have to struggle to get in touch—and likely won’t bother. Give clients multiple calls-to-action to contact your firm and clearly display contact details on your home page.
  • Does the site offer online client intake? If a client needs your help now, they shouldn’t have to play telephone tag. For the best law firm website, add an online intake system to help clients seamlessly start to get legal help (for example, using public intake forms with Clio Grow).

Strong branding

  • Are visuals strong? For a strong law firm brand, make sure your website design includes good quality, original images. Avoid stock photos.
  • Does the website feature social proof? You can build your reputation and put prospective clients at ease with testimonials, reviews, and positive social media posts. To attract more attention, display testimonials prominently on your website.
  • Do the bios and “about” pages build authority? Your firm’s website should include a short bio that showcases the expertise of lawyers at your firm. To tie it all together, your “about” page should clearly state your law firm’s mission (driven by your vision and values).
  • Does the site feature authoritative blog content? Publishing blog posts, videos, or other content marketing materials relating to your target audience and their pain points builds your reputation as an expert and builds trust with clients. Show clients you’re an expert they can turn to by providing valuable information and answers to questions on your site.

Top technical factors

  • Do pages load quickly? If pages on your law firm website don’t load fast enough, prospective clients will go back to Google and look somewhere else. Test your site’s speed and take measures to improve it if necessary. Pages should load in under 2 seconds.
  • Is the site accessible? Can people with low-vision or limited motor capabilities easily navigate your website? If not, update your color scheme. It’s important that your firm be seen by all clients. Use the tools on this list to check if your site is accessible. There should be no issues or only minor ones.
  • Is the site mobile-friendly? People spend more and more time on their smartphones—including when they’re looking for a lawyer. Visitors should find your website visually appealing and easy to navigate on a mobile device. Check your website on your own mobile device to see.
  • Does the website have a search engine optimization (SEO) marketing strategy? Search engine optimization is the process of making your website known to Google and then appearing in search query result pages. Implementing SEO best practices onto your lawyer website will grow your organic traffic and customer base.

Best law firm websites in 2023: Final thoughts

As you would expect from the best law firm websites, each website included in this post was strong in all or most of these areas, and yours can be too. To learn more, download our law firm website scorecard. It will help uncover improvements to your attorney website that could get you more clients. And again, if you’re looking to get a website up and running quickly, book a demo and ask how Clio’s Website Builder can enable you to set up a website in just a few clicks!

You also won’t want to miss our post on the best website packages for lawyers—including Clio’s website builder feature.

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