Top 20 Best Law Firm Websites in 2024

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Your law firm’s website is often a potential client’s first impression of you. Great law firm websites are well-designed, user-friendly, and clearly state what services the law firm offers, giving clients a taste of what they can expect from that law firm.

The best law firm websites use compelling content such as client testimonials and case studies to showcase expertise. They engage visitors with interactive features and personalized experiences. Top law firm websites are also easily found using search engine optimization best practices and strong calls to action, letting clients know how to reach out to them. 

We’ve updated our list of the 20 best legal websites in 2024 using the following criteria: client experience, branding, and technical factors. Each of these offers fantastic inspiration for new lawyers developing their first website or experienced law firms looking for an update. 

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1. YLaw

YLaw is a Vancouver-based family, estates, and immigration law firm with unique website imagery that distinctly sets the firm apart. Professional branding shows the high level of experience clients can expect when they work with YLaw and shows what makes YLaw different from other law firms. The blog is kept up-to-date with practical information for clients, and the website is easy to navigate. They even offer a way to pay for services online, through a portal. With a memorable design that highlights personality, YLaw’s website is among the best attorney websites. 

2. Stacey-Ann Taylor Law

With bold colors and large font, Stacey-Ann Taylor Law’s website shows how eye-catching a top law firm website can be. The use of colors makes this website stand out against other websites and showcase Tayor’s personality. Her content shows clients she understands them, highlighting their common questions and the challenges clients face. She includes a clear, easy link to book an appointment and offers business-start-up resources. And, as imagery on her podcast page shows, she has outstanding taste in reading material.  

3. Bick Law LLP

As a law firm focused entirely on environmental issues, Bick Law uses captivating imagery and bold colors to highlight its practice areas. Imagery such as a rhinoceros on a tightrope and a giraffe in a library is paired with slogans that establish the firm’s expertise. The website is easy to navigate, and the content clearly builds trust with their clients, highlighting a focus on tailored, personalized services. 

4. Rasa 

Rasa helps its clients by using software to clear criminal records. It uses a colorful background, which helps it stand out from other websites. The site itself is highly responsive and Rasa’s process is clearly laid out on the home page. Rasa also offers transparent pricing for its clients, and has interest-free monthly payments. The content is easy to understand and the FAQ section efficiently handles common questions. 

5. Big Fire Law & Policy Group LLP

best law firm websites

As a firm that represents Tribal Nations, Tribal businesses, and Tribal organizations, Big Fire Law & Policy Group serves its clients in a number of practice areas. Imagery combined with content throughout the website highlight that the firm is 100% Native owned and majority woman-owned. This shows visitors what makes this law firm uniquely positioned to help its clients. Contact information is easy to find and the website is well laid-out. 

6. Creedon PLLC

best law firm websites

With testimonials from happy customers and links to client websites on the home page, Creedon PLLC provides ample social proof of its ability to help clients with their trademark, copyright, and other intellectual property needs. The website is colorful and uses icons to break up the text. The firm also uses the home page to highlight its commitment to doing good things, including pro bono hours, planting trees, and service project hours. 

7. Bend Law Group, PC

Ben Law firm website

Bend Law Group understands its audience of small business owners. This is clear from the imagery and content on the site. With minimalist statements like “Dream Big. We got your back,”  Bend Law establishes its relationship with its clients. They combine this with introductory videos along the hero slider, which further builds trust with viewers, and clarifies what the firm does and how they help clients. Adding a testimonial video further builds credibility, while the hashtag #Lawsome adds personality to the site, cementing it as one of the best legal websites. 

8. HagEstad Law Group

best law firm websites

HagEstad Law Group knows the power of a first impression, so they use the home page to solidify important points. With banners that declare their years of experience, a bullet list of their practice areas, and testimonials visible without scrolling, readers get a clear sense of what to expect from HagEstad. The website is easy to navigate, there’s a clear call to action for a free consultation, and the content reinforces their expertise and approachable nature. 

9. Bouhan Falligant

best law firm websites

As a firm that’s been around for more than 130 years, Bouhan Falligant uses its website to immediately establish credibility. The photos on the hero slider use rich colors and captivating imagery to highlight the firm’s history and expertise. The content plays up the value of that history, with phrases like “130 years of results time and time again,” to underscore their value to their clients. 

10. Counsel for Creators LLP

best law firm websites

Niche law firms know who their clients are, and tailoring their content to those clients enables them to stand out. Counsel For Creators LLP helps creators build their businesses. The website uses imagery that is clearly developed with creators in mind, with pencil crayons, pens, and use of white space. A legal subscription program offers unlimited attorney calls, document reviews, and access to a member network for a low monthly fee. The fun facts add personality to the website and add to the credibility.   

11. Levine Family Law Group

best law firm websites

With calming colors and easy-to-understand icons, Levine Family Law highlights their expertise as a law firm that focuses on family issues. Their content clearly highlights their niche, and the website is easy to navigate. The calls to action are clear, and let readers know they have someone on their side. Levine Family Law Group also has numerous resources to help clients out and enables clients to access their files, pay their bills and submit details through an online portal. 

12. Roulston Urquhart Criminal Defence 

best law firm websites

Using strong imagery Roulston Urquhart Criminal Defence highlights their no-nonsense approach to criminal defence law. Readers can easily find help on the “What should I do now?” page and by watching the video, prominently located on the home page. Contact information is easy to find, and testimonials on the home page enhance credibility. 

13. Oyen Wiggs

best law firm websites

With a URL ( that focuses more on their outcomes than their firm name, and imagery that highlights their clients more than their lawyers, Oyen Wiggs’ website stands out among the best law firm websites. The imagery and content shows how clearly they understand their audience, and how committed they are to being client-centric. 

14. Tremain Artaza PLLC

best law firm websites

Evocative imagery, clear taglines, and a prominent FAQ make the website of Tremain Artaza PLLC a top legal website. The website is easy to navigate and, while they don’t offer a free consultation, they will give a free case review to determine if they can help potential clients. As an employment law firm, they know how stressed their clients are, so the use of calming imagery sets an important tone. 

15. Modern Law

best law firm websites

As a divorce and family law firm, Modern Law sets the tone with bold photos and contrasting colors. They offer helpful guidance in their  articles and have a podcast with additional information. The “About” page personalizes the lawyers, with the founder sharing a story about her parents’ divorce. Recognizing that divorce can cause financial stress, Modern Law runs a clinic provided by law student practitioners, which can be scheduled online. 

16. Hogan Lovells

best law firm websites

Rather than static images on the home page, Hogan Lovells uses dynamic imagery to convey a feeling of motion. Because they offer a variety of services in different areas of law, they use a slider in the hero section, which shows off their services without creating a cluttered home page. The use of green shades throughout the website evokes a sense of growth and sustainability. Meanwhile, the design is easy to navigate and the calls to action are clear. 

17. White Oak Wills & Trusts, LLC

best law firm websites

The team at White Oak recognizes that many people put off will and estate planning, which is why they’ve used their home page to highlight their commitment to making such discussions easy and fun. Calls to action are clear and the firm makes it easy to contact them. The website is easy to navigate and the imagery highlights their personalized, accessible approach. 

18. C.A. Goldberg, PLLC

best law firm websites

C.A. Goldberg, PLLC immediately grabs the viewer’s attention with a hero video that clearly states what they do and includes client testimonials. The scroll beneath the video clearly and strongly states their mission. The content is engaging and showcases their commitment to their clients, while the website contains a long list of useful resources. 

19. Reese Marketos 

best law firm websites

A minimalist home page featuring a video of a mountain climber works with taglines evoking the high stakes nature of commercial litigation. Reese Marketos’ areas of experience can be found in a small corner at the bottom of the home page, or in the menu. Overall, the website uses less written content to convey their expertise, but lets their results do the talking. 

20. Ziva Law

best law firm websites

Ziva Law’s website uses extensive white space to avoid overwhelming the reader, evoking a sense of peace. Their website makes their values clear, and shows they focus on being client-centric. They also offer useful tools and resources for potential clients, further building trust with clients. 

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How we determined the best law firm websites

Below, we’ve included the criteria we used to determine the best law firm websites. Take a look, and see how your firm’s website stacks up! You can read our criteria below, or download them in the form of our law firm website scorecard. You can also learn more about building the best law firm websites with our comprehensive guide.

Get the Law Firm Website Scorecard

When we evaluated the best law firm websites, we looked at three key areas:

  1. Client experience
  2. Branding
  3. Technical factors

Good client experience

Among the most important factors in top law firm websites is the client experience. 

  • Is the site’s content clear and easy to understand? Keep it simple. All of the best attorney websites get straight to the point and don’t bury visitors in legal jargon. You’ll need good copywriting and plain language to succeed.
  • Is the site easy to navigate? Your layout should be intuitive, so potential clients don’t get lost. Structure your website with clear navigation so your visitors don’t get frustrated or confused.
  • Do visitors know what services you offer? What legal services are included and how do they benefit the client? How do the services relate to problems a client is facing (and how you can solve them)? Address these with a clear description of services offered on your website.
  • Is it easy to find the firm’s contact information? Clients shouldn’t have to struggle to get in touch—and likely won’t bother. Give clients multiple calls-to-action to contact your firm and clearly display contact details on your home page.
  • Does the site offer online client intake? If a client needs your help now, they shouldn’t have to play telephone tag. For the best law firm website, add an online intake system to help clients seamlessly start to get legal help (for example, using public intake forms with Clio Grow).

Strong branding

Great law firm websites use branding to establish their presence and stand out from their competition. 

  • Are visuals strong? For a strong law firm brand, make sure your website design includes good quality, original images. Avoid stock photos.
  • Does the website feature social proof? You can build your reputation and put prospective clients at ease with testimonials, reviews, and positive social media posts. To attract more attention, display testimonials prominently on your website.
  • Do the bios and “about” pages build authority? Your firm’s website should include a short bio that showcases the expertise of lawyers at your firm. To tie it all together, your “about” page should clearly state your law firm’s mission (driven by your vision and values).
  • Does the site feature authoritative blog content? Publishing blog posts, videos, or other content marketing materials relating to your target audience and their pain points builds your reputation as an expert and builds trust with clients. Show clients you’re an expert they can turn to by providing valuable information and answers to questions on your site.

Top technical factors

An important factor in the best law office websites is they take into account technical matters such as accessibility and page loading speed. 

  • Do pages load quickly? If pages on your law firm website don’t load fast enough, prospective clients will go back to Google and look somewhere else. Test your site’s speed and take measures to improve it if necessary. Pages should load in under 2 seconds.
  • Is the site accessible? Can people with low-vision or limited motor capabilities easily navigate your website? If not, update your color scheme. It’s important that your firm be seen by all clients. Use the tools on this list to check if your site is accessible. There should be no issues or only minor ones.
  • Is the site mobile-friendly? People spend more and more time on their smartphones—including when they’re looking for a lawyer. Visitors should find your website visually appealing and easy to navigate on a mobile device. Check your website on your own mobile device to see.
  • Does the website have a search engine optimization (SEO) marketing strategy? Search engine optimization is the process of making your website known to Google and then appearing in search query result pages. Implementing SEO best practices onto your lawyer website will grow your organic traffic and customer base.

Best law firm websites in 2024: Final thoughts

As you would expect from the best law firm websites, each website included in this post was strong in all or most of these areas. By evaluating your website against the criteria above, you too, can optimize your website to bring in more clients for your firm. We’ve put all our criteria in an easy-to-reference scorecard download our law firm website scorecard. f you’re looking to get a website up and running quickly, book a demo and ask how Clio’s Website Builder can enable you to set up a website in just a few clicks!

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