Cyber Security For Law Firms

Data is your friend, but hackers are your enemy. And as every lawyer knows, securing information is your best defense. Recently, Clio’s Lawyer-in-Residence, Joshua Lenon, wrote an article for the British Columbia Legal Management Association covering the topic of cyber security for law firms. Entitled “Cyber Security for Law Firms,” Joshua sets out two steps that every firm can take to help secure themselves and their clients’ data.

“In 2011, several prominent Bay Street law firms had their electronic data systems compromised as foreign hackers sought information on a $38-billion corporate takeover. At least seven firms were compromised, according to articles discussing the cyber-attack.

Fortunately, the hackers appeared to be seeking specific information and did not breach the confidentiality of clients not related to the takeover. While your firm may not be handling mergers of the same size, when it comes to your clients’ electronic data, confidentiality is still a major concern.

Unfortunately, there is no single step a law firm can take to ensure perfect security. Instead, each law firm needs to commit to a series of actions and reviews that can combine to create better information security.”

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