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Episode 58: Ian Hu, Estates Litigator at Carroll Heyd Chown LLP

Estates Litigator Ian Hu is passionate about legal innovation, Diversity & Inclusion, social media, and how lawyers can become more financially independent. In this…

Episode 58 Ian Hu

Law Firm Branding During a Crisis

Learn how to create a strong law firm brand during a crisis from Katy Goshtasbi of Puris Consulting.

Article 14 minutes well spent
Header image for law firm branding during a crisis blog post

Law Firm Lead Generation: How to Attract Qualified Leads

How do you know a potential client is ready to work with you? You prequalify them. Here’s how.

Article 8 minutes well spent
pipeline of leads

How to Prepare to Be a Podcast Guest

So you’ve been invited to be a guest on a podcast. Congratulations! Should you accept the invitation? How will you sound? What will you…

Article 4 minutes well spent
illustration of a face podcasting

Your Guide to Law Firm Business Development

Business development means pursuing strategic opportunities for your law firm through building relationships and identifying new revenue streams, such as cross-selling existing clients or…

Article 16 minutes well spent
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4 Ways to Use CTAs to Get More Legal Clients

A call to action (CTA) is a statement designed to spur the reader to action. The most common call to action example is “Buy…

Article 7 minutes well spent
call to actions law firms

5 Key Items Missing From Your Law Firm Website

Is your law firm’s website failing to convert? Do you have a high bounce rate? Here are the five things your website is likely…

Article 8 minutes well spent
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