Attorney Email Marketing 101

Email marketing is a different beast from SEO or PPC, where you are attempting to lure first-time visitors to your website to sell them on your services. With email marketing, you already have access to the audience. The question is: How can you effectively get new business powered by attorney email marketing?

You may have an email list already of attorneys you network with, clients, and former clients, but instead of just sending out an occasional “updates from the firm” newsletter, you can create more relevant emails to your audience that can provide better results.

Here’s how to get the most out of your attorney email marketing efforts:

1. Send targeted emails

The most effective approaches in email marketing are targeted. If your firm has multiple practice areas with clients in different industries, clients shouldn’t all receive the same emails. Restaurant owner clients probably don’t care about biotech. Real estate law clients probably don’t care about IP. Sending broad, irrelevant emails buys you a one-way ticket to the spam folder. If you practice real estate law, you may want to share a recent article from the Wall Street Journal about real estate law. The goal is not to just show an update of the law, but to communicate with clients that you can help them with issues they care about.

2. Send “updates on the law” vs. “explaining the law” emails

What client wants to read an email explaining the law? That’s why they’re hiring your firm. Clients are unlikely to read long-winded emails. Do you? Not only that, it doesn’t start a conversation. However, an email providing a substantive update on the law, specifically demonstrating how it impacts the reader, can be much more engaging. Tell businesses that you find this new court opinion interesting for this list of reasons and it’s bound to go to the trash. Tell businesses that the latest Supreme Court opinion can affect their businesses’ bottom line and you’ve piqued their interest. This sets the stage for a later conversation.

Email marketing tips

Beyond those basics, here are a few email marketing tips to follow. Have a look at this checklist each time you send an email to clients—or potential clients

  1. Be concise. People have a short attention span.
  2. Use enticing headlines. Attract attention with your subject lines, don’t be dull. Otherwise your email won’t get opened.
  3. Personalize. Email marketing software like Mailchimp allows you to personalize the recipient field so that you get “Dear [Name]” instead of “Hello.”
  4. Send emails from your name. Send it from your name and your email, not “the firm.” Otherwise, you sound like a robot.
  5. Only send emails when you have something valuable to say. This one is self-explanatory.
  6. Ask questions. Encourage a follow-up; the email alone isn’t going to sell someone. It’s going to be the follow-up interaction that counts.

Email marketing is a highly useful tool for remaining top-of-mind with your clients and prospects, when utilized correctly. By delivering informative, engaging content on a regular cadence via email, you’ll be able to increase conversion and drive more business in the new year.

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Andrew Cabasso is a practicing attorney and co-founder of Jurispage, a law firm Internet Marketing firm.

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