Clio Celebrates 100th Bar Partnership Milestone

With the largest global network of bar associations and legal societies among legal technology companies, Clio’s extensive and long held industry partnerships bolster the legal community and enhance access to best-in-class technology

Clio marks its 100th bar association partnership

Clio, the global leader in legal technology, proudly announces its 100th partnership with bar associations and law societies around the world. The New York State Trial Lawyers association was the 100th partner to join Clio’s extensive network, which includes all 50 state bars in the United States, alongside prominent associations in Canada, the UK, Ireland, and Australia.

Jack Newton, Clio’s CEO and Founder, said: “Our 100th partnership is a landmark milestone in Clio’s evolving leadership within the legal industry—and it’s symbolic of the transformative role that technology has had in the success of lawyers and their practices, today. With new advances in AI, and the launch of Clio Duo later this year, these partnerships will be all-the-more crucial to supporting lawyers in their work and their careers, and ensuring high standards for the use of technology in legal practice. I’d like to thank all of our partners who have grown with us over the years for their tremendous support and collaboration.”

Clio’s robust network of partnerships continues to grow, encompassing a diverse group of bar associations and legal societies. These professional associations focus on specific interests within the legal profession, in some cases, serve as the regulatory body for a specific jurisdiction. They often provide support, resources, and guidelines for practicing lawyers and legal professionals. In partnering with Clio, bar partnerships can include a  range of programs including training, education, approved listings, software discounts, and acknowledgement or endorsement of Clio as a valuable tool or resource for legal professionals. 

The New York State Trial Lawyers Association, a prominent bar association dedicated to protecting consumers’ rights and ensuring access to justice, is the latest organization to join Clio’s partnership network. This collaboration highlights Clio’s commitment to working with influential legal entities that share its mission of advancing the legal profession. By partnering with NYSTLA, Clio aims to enhance the support and resources available to trial lawyers, enabling them to better serve their clients and uphold high standards of legal practice.

In addition to celebrating the milestone of 100 bar partners, Clio has also marked growth in other ways across the company:

  • Clio now serves customers in more than 130+ countries around the world
  • Clio has grown its workforce to more than 1,100 employees
  • More than 250+ app integration partners connect with Clio, making it the largest legaltech ecosystem in the world

Clio’s core functionality provides essential tools for lawyers and law firms to run a successful practice, including calendaring, timekeeping, document management, trust accounting , retainer management and billing. Beyond product innovation, Clio invests in programs that drive progress and transformation across the legal sector. The Clio Cloud Conference, renowned as the leading conference in the legal industry, attracts thousands of attendees globally each year, including professionals from underserved communities through the Clio Cloud Access Grant. Additionally, Clio produces the annual Legal Trends Report, a key industry publication offering critical insights to help legal professionals understand the trends shaping the sector.

Building on this foundation of innovation and support, Clio is continuing the celebration with a summer long giveaway. Weekly prizes will be offered, culminating in a grand prize drawing for those who book a demo with any member of Clio’s sales team. The giveaway is open for entries until August 30th at 5 PM PST. Participating in a demo offers a unique opportunity to learn how over 150,000 legal professionals leverage Clio’s practice management software to enhance their firm’s efficiency and profitability.

Looking forward, Clio is committed to expanding its network further, fostering stronger relationships within the legal community, and continuing to deliver unparalleled technology solutions.

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