Clio’s New E-Filing Service Launches in Texas

A market first, legal professionals in Texas can now file, serve, manage, and monitor court documents all within Clio’s legal practice management platform

Clio File facilitates seamless court document workflows for legal professionals

Clio, the global leader in legal technology, proudly unveils Clio File, a groundbreaking electronic filing (e-filing) solution, now available for legal professionals in Texas. For the first time, e-filing services are seamlessly integrated into legal practice management software, offering the industry’s first true start to submission legal document workflow—from drafting to court filing. This launch underscores Clio’s commitment to revolutionizing court document management and enhancing the attorney-court relationship.

“With the introduction of Clio File, we are transforming the legal industry’s approach to court filings, setting a new standard for efficiency and innovation,” said Chris Stock, Vice President of Legal Content and Migrations at Clio. “Lawyers can now seamlessly submit court documents directly from our flagship practice management product, Clio Manage, streamlining their workflows and simplifying the filing process. This is an exciting step in expanding  the capabilities of our platform, providing a comprehensive solution for legal documents, from drafting to court filing.”

Clio File is the fastest, most efficient way to file, offering litigators insights and details directly in the system where they manage their cases. Features include: 

  • Court forms and document e-filing directly from Clio Manage, eliminating the need to download and upload documents or switching between tools
  • Court e-service, ensuring all parties receive notice through built-in e-service as subsequent filings are made for the case
  • Automatic fee expensing to record filing fees automatically in Clio Manage, facilitating quick expense entries and enabling full cost pass-through to clients
  • Status dashboard to monitor and track all outgoing court filings in one centralized place within Clio Manage, providing real-time updates on acceptance or rejection, improving visibility and enabling firms to react quickly
  • Real-time email and in-app notifications when filings are submitted, accepted, or rejected
  • Court-returned documents sync, with stamped copies returning to the matter

Clio File represents a significant advancement in Clio’s commitment to delivering unparalleled value in the world’s largest legaltech platform. With e-filing available directly from Clio Manage, customers benefit from a unified and efficient case management solution that eliminates the need for a separate e-filing tool. Along with Clio Draft, customers have the ability to auto-fill documents using templates and leverage e-signature technology, further simplifying the document workflow process before filing. Clio File is the next step in Clio’s broader vision to provide a seamless workflow with legal documents at each step of the legal process.

“Clio File is a game-changer for litigators managing high caseloads, offering a streamlined solution within a centralized platform,” said Joshua Lenon, Clio’s Lawyer-in-Residence. “By building e-filing seamlessly into Clio Manage, lawyers can efficiently navigate complex court interactions and manage detailed submission tracking with ease. This innovation underscores Clio’s commitment to empowering legal teams with robust tools that simplify their practice and enhance client service.” 

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