Clio Launches Clio Labs Blog Focusing on Development and Design

Themis Solutions Inc. gives an insider view on Clio’s design and development process with the Clio Labs Blog.

Themis Solutions Inc. is proud to launch the Clio Labs blog at This blog features articles from the designers and developers that make Clio, a cloud-based practice management platform used in law firms across North America.

Clio is known for having an innovative, user-focused design and for developing groundbreaking software. Combining these two has been a source of pride for Clio’s product team.

“The team at Clio stays cutting-edge by devouring content created by the folks behind products we admire, so we’re naturally thrilled to have our own forum to share our process with peers and customers alike,” said Jason LaRiviere, UI/UX Design Lead at Clio.

The Clio Labs blog will give readers an inside look at the craftsmanship behind the design, user experience and code-related efforts at Clio. Articles will range from insight into patching Ruby on Rails to thoughts on product maturity.

“We’ll describe our design process, detail code optimizations we’ve made and dive into how we deliver high levels of availability and system uptime to our customers. You’ll get to know the team that builds Clio on a first-name basis,” said Jack Newton, Clio’s founder and CEO.

Readers can view the Clio Labs blog at

Clio Labs will be providing up to date content weekly. Readers can also follow all the latest product team updates on Twitter at @ClioLab.