Clio’s Ground-Up Reinvention Paves the Way for the Future of Legal Technology

Clio has undertaken a ground-up reinvention of their leading practice management platform. The results are already being considered a game changer for innovative law firms by industry experts.

Vancouver, B.C. – Today, Clio, the legal industry’s leading cloud-based practice management platform, revealed the new Clio experience to those in attendance at the 2017 Clio Cloud Conference.

The new Clio experience combines nine years of customer feedback with the latest technologies to create the most advanced practice management solution, leaving a lasting mark on the legal industry.

“In 2008, we were the first to bring practice management to the cloud, forever changing how lawyers work,” said Jack Newton, CEO and Co-Founder of Clio. “As we usher in the next decade of innovation, we are committed to transforming the practice of law, for good. The new Clio experience is the first step in this revolutionary journey.”

With the new Clio experience, legal professionals will be empowered to create innovative firms of the future thanks to:

  • A beautiful design that incorporates nine years of customer feedback. Nine years ago Clio set a new standard for visual design in legal. With the new Clio experience, they are doing it again. The inhouse design team redeveloped Clio’s navigation and overall design to center around the needs of their customers, making it easier to find information and complete tasks. This means seeing more information on each screen, and accomplishing more with fewer clicks and less scrolling.
  • Reengineered performance. Clio has once again reimagined, restructured, and reengineered what legal professionals should come to expect. Not only is the new Clio experience an order of magnitude faster, Clio has laid the foundation for a future of constant improvement by implementing new technologies that will allow for even more rapid product innovation.
  • A platform that connects the largest ecosystem of legal technology. The advantages of the new Clio experience go deeper than new features and improved design. Every aspect of Clio, including mobile, now leverages a common Application Programming Interface, API v4, which lets partners and customers alike connect technologies to Clio that can communicate and use each other’s functions. Clio is the foundation of the modern law firm’s technology stack, and is now even more extensible, so legal professionals can truly make the most out of their day. Discover new tools and extensions in Clio’s new App Directory, which allows customers to easily find and learn about the wide range of integrations available to them. Clio realized it can’t reinvent the practice of law on its own—with its network of over 70 integration partners, Clio is fostering an ecosystem that far outpaces the rate of innovation of any single company.
  • The best-run law firms running Clio. Their #1 position in the industry gives Clio insight into how the best run law firms work, and they collaborate with those firms to bring exciting innovations to the Clio platform. By connecting with their customers, and their customers’ customers, Clio has a deeper understanding of the needs the platform must address. They have undertaken a thoughtful and strategic redesign to the Clio processes that impact the most critical functions of their customers’ businesses.

Over the last year, Clio spent over 600+ hours and 60+ days visiting law firms, consulting with customers, conducting extensive user testing, and monitoring feedback to establish the 220+ enhancements that were revealed today.

“At Clio, we are obsessed with helping our customers thrive in an ever-demanding environment. We listen to and anticipate our customers’ needs and continuously evolve our platform to exceed their expectations. As such, we have taken a groundbreaking approach to our practice management platform and reinvented how our software operates from top to bottom,” said Newton.

To ensure the new Clio experience met the needs of customers and incorporated their feedback, a group of current Clio customers received advanced access to the platform. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

“It’s slick, fast and intuitive. The parts of the interface you need most often are always there, with no scrolling,” said Jason Morris of Round Table Law LLP. “With the new Clio experience, our lawyers and staff are going to be more efficient than ever before. I’m excited about the possibilities that will come from the the new API capabilities.”

Industry experts agree.

“It’s going to be a game changer for innovative law firms,” said Sam Glover of the Lawyerist. “This is taking Clio-as-legal-solutions-delivery platform to the next level.”

In the coming weeks, existing and new Clio customers will have access to the new Clio experience. Learn more about Clio at


About Clio:
Founded in 2008, Clio is the most comprehensive cloud-based practice management platform for the legal industry. With the help of the cloud, Clio eases the processes of time tracking, billing, administration, and collaboration for law firms of all sizes. One of Canada’s fastest-growing companies with international reach, Clio employs over 240 individuals with a rapidly growing customer base spanning 90 countries. For the last two years, Clio’s growth has been recognized by Deloitte on both the Fast50 and the Fast500 lists. Learn more at

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