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Key benefits for your firm

  • Keep In Touch with Levitate

    Mass blast email marketing won't cut it anymore. We combine AI-powered software with dedicated marketing coaches to help legal experts focus on what you do best: build relationships. Emails look authentic because they are. Rather than using HTML heavy newsletters that immediately get deleted, Levitate creates 1:1 genuine outreach at scale.
  • Dedicated Marketing Coach

    Don't know what to say? Use our library of timely and appropriate content. Still don't know what to say? Your dedicated Marketing Coach will work to understand your business goals and create a whole content calendar of scheduled sends. With average 50%+ open rates and 10%+ reply rates, our marketing philosophy simply works.
  • Never Forget a Client

    It's a fact: 59% of prospective clients shopping for a lawyer seek a referral of some kind.* With our email, calendar, and Clio integrations, never let a past client slip through the cracks and forget your name off the top of their head. *(Clio 2019 Legal Trends Report)

How Levitate works with Clio

  • Levitate + Clio

    The Clio Manage integration takes 15 seconds to enable and automatically loads in your active and inactive clients (or all your contacts from Clio if you prefer) and creates tags and Key Facts in Levitate to help you target your messaging and stay top of mind. Daily syncing ensures contacts are kept fresh and changes (Case Closed!) are up to date. Notes taken in Levitate automatically push back to the contact file in Clio so there’s no need for data duplication.

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