DocumentConnex is the better way to e-sign! Get a document signed manually, or using Clio. Then, just upload or import the file, and press a button. That’s it!

Key Features

  • DocumentConnex uses blockchain technology to securely create a permanently verifiable record of documents, photos, and other digital files.

    Our app is the better way to e-sign, because: (1) our app allows anyone to verify a document or photo - no account required!; (2) our app allows you to store your files in Clio - no more hunting through different apps to find a signed document!; and (3) our process is more secure - it is virtually impossible to hack!

    Key features include:

    1. Sign documents manually, or by using Clio's built-in feature
    2. Easily upload or import the file into DocumentConnex, and press a button and that's it!
    3. Important documents and photos can be verified years or even decades later
    4. Verifications can be done in our app or on various blockchain explorers
    5. Works with many file types like photos, images, PDFs, Microsoft Word docs, and more
    6. Provides a certificate verifying the time, date, and author of each signing
    7. Our app does not share your photos, documents, and other files with anyone

    Using our application, you and your clients will have a permanent and irrefutable record of important photos, contracts, wills or other testamentary documents, or other digital files years later.

    Changing even one word in a document, or just a few pixels in a photo, will show the document or photo as inauthentic.

    Just upload a file, or import from Clio, and press a button. It's that simple.