From 0 to 30+ Lawyers—How Parlatore Did it with Clio

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Tim Parlatore

Parlatore Law Group

  • 2019

    Year Founded
  • 11-50

    Number of Staff
  • 2019

    Started Using Clio
  • New York, NY, USA

  • Contingency

    Flat Fee



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  • Business

    Civil Litigation

    Criminal Defence


    Wills and Estates

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A full-service law firm achieving 40+% quarterly growth

From the beginning, Parlatore Law Group has been a fully remote law firm based 100% in the cloud. It started small in 2019 with just one seat for Founder and Managing Partner Tim Parlatore. It’s since grown to include over 30 lawyers in 20 states nationwide—and it’s still growing, aiming to have 300 lawyers working in all 50 states.

Tim created the vision for a full-service law firm that clients can use as a one-stop shop, similar to how most AM law 200 firms are set up, but with more accessibility and convenience for clients—and without the AM law 200 prices.

Tim’s vision has been one of rapid success. Since 2020, Parlatore has averaged over 40% growth in quarterly revenue—and his headcount has increased by nearly 300% in one year.

“We’ve been a Clio customer since the very beginning. In fact, we built the entire infrastructure of the firm on the Clio platform. There’s no physical office space—everybody’s working remote—and it’s been that way since the beginning.”

How does Clio support Parlatore’s growth and collaboration?

1. Clio is a platform that scales

Tim knew he needed a technology platform that would scale with his firm, and he looked at several solutions before deciding on Clio.

“Really, what I was focusing on was something that would be scalable and would work for one user or 300 users. Clio was the platform that was clearly head and shoulders above the rest. It was something that fit perfectly with what I wanted to build.”

“To make this thing work, you need an integrated, cloud-based practice management solution. This type of firm model wouldn’t work without a product like Clio. It is what law firms of the future are going to look like.”

2. The freedom and economics of working remotely

Operating fully remote in the cloud has opened so many opportunities for Tim and his law firm—so many that he says he would never consider going back to a brick-and-mortar model.

The difference for him comes down to a lot of wasted money being spent on real estate and out-dated technology.

“The firm that I used to be with, they built that firm back in 2004, before any of these technologies existed. They spent a lot of money on technology, and then they got stuck in long-term contracts with antiquated software. I could just see how much inefficiency there was, how much wasted time and money there was in that.”

3. A system that works for everyone

Finding the right people can be a challenge for any firm, but Tim’s vision continues to attract top legal talent. One of the biggest benefits for Tim is being able to find and recruit exactly the type of people he’s looking for.

“One of the great benefits of being remote is that it allows me to hire a lot of attorneys that most firms aren’t interested in. About a third of my attorneys are married to active duty military personnel who move around a lot, so they’re licensing and their physical location don’t necessarily match up. With us, they can telecommute from anywhere. I even have people that live overseas.”

“We take on larger, more complex matters, the type of cases where you have multiple attorneys working it together that are geographically dispersed. So I can have four or five attorneys working on a case together that all have access to the file because it’s all in Clio.”

4. Working cases—while managing a business

Tim is a practicing lawyer who spends 50% of his time working client cases. The rest of his time goes to managing the details of his business. Clio helps him do both.

“I have a multi-screen set up in the office. I have a vertical screen where I generally keep Clio open at all times, using it for pulling documents and working with files, but also to monitor what’s going on with other cases—the analytics on what our users are doing and how revenue is being allocated. It’s really the backbone of pretty much everything that we’re doing.”

5. Clio creates a totally different experience

Clio has everything Tim needs to organize all of his firm’s information while ensuring that everyone has access to what they need, when they need it.

“In the old days, when you went to trial you’d have to have an assistant pushing a cart with all the boxes of documents and everything. I tried a major murder case a couple of years ago with thousands of documents, and all I carried into the courtroom was a laptop and a mug of coffee—and I won. It’s a totally different experience, being able to operate in the cloud.”

How does Parlatore get the most out of Clio?

Key features that keep Parlatore organized and working together

“The document management system was something that was very important to me. Moving everything into Clio’s document management system streamlined everything, especially once we got the Clio Desktop app, which has made things extraordinarily simple.”

“The attorneys are far flung in many different time zones, and Clio keeps everything synchronized. We use the tasks to assign work. Court Rules is very important—we can set everything up to make sure we’re not missing any deadlines.”

“When you take on a new client, they love to send you 30 emails with all the different documents. The client portal has been so much of a benefit because your inbox gets clogged with all this stuff that you then have to download and put into the file and try to categorize. Giving them access to the file to upload everything themselves just makes it so simple.”

6. New hires are up and running with Clio in minutes

Getting started with Clio at Parlatore is as simple as setting up new login credentials.

“We’ve had a few people that have joined who used Clio in their former practices, which made it really easy. With them, we would work with Clio’s Customer Service team and they would migrate all of their matters from their old Clio account into our system—making them extremely easy to onboard.”

“When I onboard someone, I can have them in our system and ready to go within minutes. They’re able to hit the ground running and start working on matters, literally within minutes of being hired.”

Parlatore is still growing

Since the start, Tim has been focused on building a team of people with the right mindset—who believe in his vision and who are committed to providing great legal services to clients. Clio has helped make it all possible.

“We have attorneys licensed in over 20 states, and we’re always recruiting and growing.”

What does Parlatore’s team say about Clio

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