How a solo practitioner increased leads by 70%—and cut admin time by 90%—with Clio

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Tatevik Gasparyan

Gasparyan Law Firm, APC

  • 2022

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  • 2022

    Started Using Clio
  • Los Angeles, California, USA

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While Gasparyan Law Firm, APC is a young firm (having been founded in 2022), its founder, Tatevik Gasparyan, has already found her niche. Tatevik provides a unique combination of personal injury and small business law services, drawing from her background and legal experience.

But, as Tatevik notes, “personal injury has a lot of tentacles” that don’t seamlessly overlap with small business services. So, before opening her firm, she knew she’d need an exceptional legal practice management system to balance the competing demands of her practice specializations and keep her on track as a solo practitioner.

Tatevik had the opportunity to demo several programs before choosing Clio Manage and Clio Grow. So, what was it that set Clio apart? Read on for Tatevik’s take on why Clio is the best legal practice management software for solo practitioners.

Finding the right intake process

Before starting with Clio Grow, Tatevik used another legal practice management program to help with client intake. However, she found that the program didn’t support her needs as a solo practitioner—many tasks, like populating intake forms, had to be done manually, taking away valuable time from her practice.

What’s more, it was harder for Tatevik to get what she needed from her clients. She couldn’t indicate areas where clients needed to sign in a document, for example, meaning that client forms would come back with errors—creating unnecessary back and forth.

“There were a lot of manual things I’d have to formulate myself. I didn’t have the ability to have fields populate, and I couldn’t pick sections that the client needs to sign, like I do in Clio Grow. Client forms would come back with errors, and it was frustrating because I’d have to contact the client and ask them to redo things. It was just a little too archaic for me, and I needed something more advanced. That’s what I’m getting from Clio.”

After working with Clio Grow, Tatevik’s intake process improved dramatically. Not only is the process easier for Tatevik and her clients, but she’s getting the information she needs much more quickly, allowing her to focus on moving her clients’ cases forward.

“The ability for me to email documents and have clients complete them—whether it’s by email or their smartphone—and have them send them back to me is great. It’s great to just send them a link to have them fill out, and it means I get the information back quicker.”

An easy, supportive onboarding experience

Adopting a new legal practice management program is no easy feat—and it can become even more daunting when you don’t have the right support. Tatevik found the process of switching to Clio easy with Clio’s customer support.

”The process was easier and smoother because I had someone to help me with the onboarding. When they were not available, I could use the chat option. I could pull up videos and watch them and learn it and get my answer quicker.”

Tremendous results—and client satisfaction—with Clio

With Clio, Tatevik has saved “90%” of the time she previously spent on administrative tasks like data entry and correspondence. Creating custom letter precedents for different practice areas also helped her reduce letter writing time and removed the need to hire staff. These efficiencies have allowed Tatevik to focus on getting new clients and handling their cases.

“Business-wise, I’ve been able to use that time to generate more leads. If I were to quantify it, I’d probably say anywhere from 60-70% within the last two months I’ve been able to generate way more leads. And this goes back to the time that I’m saving on data entry to bring people in and get things moving along.”

Even better, Tatevik is getting great feedback from her clients: “They’re complimenting me on how easy it is to just click on something and open it and sign it and send it back to me, whereas before there were so many steps. My clients are loving Clio.”

An innovative, trusted law partner

As a new firm with an innovative approach to law, Tatevik appreciates Clio’s mutual drive for innovation. “You guys are constantly thinking of ways to improve and help us expand.”

And, with Clio on her side, Tatevik knows that she has a trusted law partner—even as a solo practitioner.

“The service has really solidified my decision. Clio hears feedback and is always there. They’re always there for me to answer questions, because I do need the software to run my business. Clio didn’t just take my money and run—it’s a partnership, and I love that part of it.”

An all-in-one system to support solo practitioners

Tatevik loves how Clio Grow and Clio Manage work together seamlessly and encourages solo practitioners to use both. “I’m in both equally,” she notes. “You need to have both if you want to have a continuous growing practice.”

“Clio Grow is my lead generation. It’s my website. And Clio Manage is my accountant. It’s everything bundled in one. I feel like everything has been thought out in advance.”

Having an all-in-one system gives Tatevik all the information she needs at her fingertips—and she can even customize the dashboard for particular cases to ensure the most pertinent information is available when she opens the matter. “With other software, you need to go through the file. I like that you can tailor your dashboard so you can see a bird’s eye view of what’s going on. It’s very important.”

Tatevik’s recommendation for solo practitioners considering Clio

Whether you’re already considering Clio or not, Tatevik says: “go for it.” The customization options, coupled with the efficiencies Clio has created for Tatevik, have been invaluable to her solo practice—and, regardless of your practice area, you’ll be able to develop a Clio experience that supports your firm’s needs.

”When I say I’ve demoed every software, I mean it. Give Clio a try. I love working with Clio, I love the experience. It’s for all fields of practice—not just personal injury or contracts. Whether you’re practicing family law, personal injury, contracts—it’s definitely more advanced than many of the others and can really help you grow.”

Following her dreams: Tatevik’s vision for her firm

Tatevik’s vision for the future of her firm involves measured growth. She plans to continue growing her personal injury practice and expanding her network of small businesses. For now, she’s thrilled to be following her dream of running her own business while raising her two children.

Thanks for putting your trust in Clio, Tatevik—we’re so happy to have you!

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