On-Demand Webinar

[Ask the Experts] How and Why Law Firms are Switching from Timeslips to Clio

Have you outgrown Timeslips?

Is your time tracking and billing software holding you back from growing your firm? While some firms have been using Timeslips for nearly 20 years, it just hasn’t kept up with the needs of today’s law firms.

If you feel there are clear signs that your firm has outgrown Timeslips and think it’s time to look for better alternatives, you’re not the only one.

Join this free webinar where our experts help you:

  • Discover more efficient solutions to track time and bill clients
  • Understand how to get buy-in from attorneys and firm admins to make the switch
  • Establish a data migration plan to minimize downtime when transitioning 

Duration: 45 minutes

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Andrea Reid
Andrea Oyola Reid, Esq.

Attorney at Law

The Reid Law Group

An effective and tenacious litigator, Andrea Reid, focuses her practice in Marital and Family Law. As the principal owner of The Reid Law Group, her strategy for each case is adopted after careful review and consideration of her client’s situation.

Shari Borek


Borek Consulting Group

For more than 20 years, Shari Borek has been helping law firms use technology to improve productivity and increase profitability. After first identifying the right software to meet the needs of each individual firm, Shari then helps them customize that software and integrate to maximize effectiveness. Once customized, Shari works with training the people within the firm to ensure the ultimate in adoption and productivity. You can learn more about her firm Borek Consulting Group at https://borekconsulting.com/


Rio Peterson

Affinity Partnerships Manager


Rio initially joined Clio in 2017 as a member of Clio’s award-winning Customer Support team and gained an in-depth knowledge of Clio’s products and customers. Now, Rio works to build flourishing relationships with legal associations across the United States and Canada, and she works passionately to educate lawyers on the importance of using data to build better practices and drive the legal industry forward.