Mastering Client Intake: How to Hit Your Firm's Goals by Tackling Intake Inefficiencies

Join this free webinar with Clio power customers Koenig|Dunne and Evolve Law, to learn how you can improve your intake.

Join us for an insightful webinar featuring Michaela Seidl, Managing Paralegal, and Angela Lennon, Partner at Koenig|Dunne, and Jayda Brimble, Intake Specialist at Evolve Law, as they share their respective journeys of overcoming intake inefficiencies and achieving a seamless client intake experience. If you’re currently facing challenges with your intake process, don’t miss this opportunity to learn from these client intake experts.

In this webinar, you will get practical insights and real-world examples of how they:

  • Tackled intake inefficiencies at their firms
  • Collaborated effectively within their teams to align their efforts with the goals for their firm
  • How they implemented change in their firms and measured the results—and how you can do the same with your own intake processes

The session will also include a 15-minute Q&A, allowing you to directly engage with our intake experts and ask any burning questions you may have about optimizing client intake experiences.

Duration: 45 minutes

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Jayda Brimble

Intake Specialist

Evolve Law

Jayda is the owner of client intake at Evolve Law. She is an integral part of Evolve Law converting potential client to paying client and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to building process, collaborating with her stakeholders and helping her firm grow. She has a passion for interacting with people and loves being the first person a new client speaks to at the firm.
Jayda has a passion for music and an extensive background in the performing arts. When she’s not in the office, she’s spending time with her friends and family.

Angela Lennon


Koenig|Dunne, PC, LLO,

Angela Lennon is a partner at Koenig|Dunne, PC, LLO, the largest divorce law firm in Nebraska. Angela focuses her practice on divorce and collaborative divorce.  She is a leader of the Nebraska Collaborative Divorce Professionals organization, a member of the Nebraska Bar Association, and is on the Executive Council for the Omaha Bar Association.

Angela earned her Bachelor’s degree from Vassar College and her juris doctor from Creighton University School of Law.   She was a contributing author of Divorce in Nebraska: The Legal Process, Your Rights, and What to Expect, published in 2013.  Angela has also spoken and written on the topic of the legal profession embracing technology to increase access to justice. She is the author of “Step-by-Step Guidance: Empowering Pro Se Litigants Through Technology,” published in the Nebraska Lawyer Magazine and she has been featured on the Omaha Bar Association’s “Bar Talk” podcast discussing Untie Online.

In December 2019, Angela Lennon and her team launched Untie Online, a Koenig|Dunne Divorce Service to expand access to the justice system in Nebraska. Untie Online is an affordable online divorce service that provides divorcing spouses step-by-step guidance, personalized and customized legal documents, and attorney support.

Michaela Seidl

Certified Paralegal

Koenig|Dunne, PC, LLO,

Michaela’s professional experience gives her a depth of competence. At 21 she began to work in the legal field, gaining knowledge about real estate and finance. Those early years gave Michaela the solid foundation she needed when the focus of her legal field became divorce, years later our clients reap the benefits. She loves to bring her ideas about how the latest and greatest in technology can help her firm serve their clients even better.

Liz Hudson

Customer Marketing Manager


Liz is a Senior Manager of Customer Marketing at Clio, where she’s obsessed with helping customers get the most value out of Clio.