eDiscovery for the Small or Solo Law Firm

A Clio Webinar

Every lawyer needs eDiscovery. Do you do it right?

Learn how to navigate dramatically increasing amounts of electronic data in this free Clio webinar.

How does your firm handle eDiscovery? In litigation and government investigations, eDiscovery is the process by which information is exchanged electronically—and it’s becoming more and more common. Unlike traditional information stored in paper form, electronic information is much more pervasive, long-lasting, and transient. During a discovery disclosure, you will get mountains of data that needs to be sorted and analyzed. In this webinar, we’ll talk about the principles of eDiscovery and how your can ensure that your practice can properly preserve and sort information efficiently.

Join Nextpoint CEO Rakesh Madhava and Clio’s own Joshua Lenon as we walk you through:

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • the basics of eDiscovery
  • which tools your firm should use to acquire and preserve information
  • how to quickly find the nuggets of data your case needs
  • how to integrate eDiscovery better into your practice
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