Essentials for Law Firm Success in 2021: Unlocking New Business

Learn creative ways to expand your client base via niche and underserved markets.

Learn creative ways to expand your client base via niche and underserved markets.

No matter where they are, clients need top-notch legal services. This year we’ve seen incredible efforts towards breaking down barriers and increasing accessibility to help provide clients with the services and support they need. Learn from award winning legal professional, Erin Russell, Special Projects Manager at Beacon Law, as they share how they’ve unlocked new business opportunities by branching out into niche and underserved markets. Tune in to hear about the unique and creative services they’re offering, and how they’re planning for success in the new year.

Meetup Overview:

  • A virtual platform for learning and engagement among legal professionals
  • Hosted by Derek Bolen, Senior Manager, Customer Marketing at Clio, featuring Reisman Award Winner Erin Russell
  • Duration: 45 minutes of panel and Q&A discussion
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Erin Russell - Headshot
Erin Russell

Special Projects Manager

Beacon Law

Erin Russell is the Special Projects Manager for Beacon Law, a civil legal aid program that provides assistance to the homeless and indigent populations in and around the Houston area. She started working with Beacon Law in 2013 as a volunteer while obtaining her paralegal degree and has worn many hats over the years. Erin designed Beacon Law’s pro bono program to efficiently use the time and talent of attorneys in the area wishing to volunteer their services, and is working to develop two groundbreaking applications in Texas to automate the screening of criminal history eligibility to be cleared from a person’s record.

Beacon Law was the 2019 Reisman Award Winner for Community Champion.


Derek Bolen

Senior Manager, Customer Marketing


Derek Bolen is the Senior Manager of Customer Marketing at Clio, which means he gets paid to build relationships with the greatest customers in the world. He’s proud to work with the legal community, advocate tirelessly for Clio customers, and support the incredible work they do to transform the practice of law, for good.