Innovate Legal Online: Implementing Technology During Times of Change (Hear From Someone Who Did It)

Adopting and implementing new technology is often a challenging task. Doing so amidst a global crisis is even more nerve-racking.

From researching the available software options and understanding what technology best suits your firm, to ensuring everyone in your business learns and understands the new software, these challenges could deter firms from embracing new technology—even when you need it most.

As Founder and Managing Director of Navigate Business Recovery Limited—a turnaround, Recovery and Insolvency solution firm—Vee Bharakda understands the difficulties of implementing new technology in the middle of a worldwide crisis. Her firm successfully switched to a virtual office model despite the uncertainty, the journey was not easy.

To help UK businesses embrace technology while maintaining and even improving the client experience, Vee will be sharing her experiences in a discussion hosted by our Geraldine O’Reilly.

In this discussion, you will learn:

  • What to consider when deciding to change technology
  • How to manage client intake in a virtual world
  • How to continue to provide a positive client management experience

Duration: 30 minutes

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