Innovate Legal Online Workshop: Introduction To Mindfulness

Lawyer wellness and mental health matter—especially in times of extreme and rapid change. However, legal professionals often work in high-stress environments that leave little room for mindfulness and mental health.

Join Geraldine O’Reilly and Gary Young—Founder of The Mindful Enterprise, a social enterprise specialising in mindfulness and meditation training—as they discuss applicable daily techniques for improving mental health and well-being.

In this 60-minute session, you will learn:

  • What mindfulness is and why it is important
  • How to understand the origins of stress
  • How we can train our minds to master our inner states—our emotions, reactions, and responses to change and difficulty
  • How to scientifically understand mindfulness
  • How to practice experiential mindfulness
  • How to apply mindfulness and mental health techniques

Duration: 60 minutes

Bonus Feature: Registrants are invited to join The Mindful Enterprise’s private Facebook community, where members can benefit from ongoing support at no cost, including live guided meditation practices, video blogs, and guest interviews.

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