Legal Document Templates 101: Building a Solid Foundation in MS Word

Drafting routine documents shouldn’t take up so much of your time.


Use MS Word’s legal document templates to build no-code, automated legal documents that are accurate and up-to-date.

Automating your document workflow can significantly improve your firm’s efficiency as it helps generate routine accurate documents within minutes—if set up correctly. 

That “if ” is a big caveat because if there are issues in your source document, they will propagate throughout the documents you generate from that template.

Watch this webinar to learn the correct way to set up your document templates in MS Word—so that you don’t have to spend time fixing them later.

In this session, you will:

  • Explore the tools and built-in features within Microsoft Word that can help legal professionals build strong, flexible templates 
  • Learn best practices for setting up legal document templates
  • Understand how those templates can be used to build no-code, automated legal documents for law firms

Duration: 30 minutes

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Headshots Joe Kaczrowski
Joe Kaczrowski

Legal Content Manager

Clio Draft

Joe is an attorney admitted to practice in the state of Minnesota. As a Legal Document Technician, Clio Draft at Clio Joe works with legal practitioners to improve their workflows and processes.