How to Set up a Winning Freelance Profile

Learn about the perks of a more flexible work schedule, and the tips and tricks on setting yourself up for success.

For many lawyers, the perks of legal freelancing are extensive—they don’t have to be tied to a firm or physical office to help cases move forward, and they can enjoy more flexibility in their work schedule. Not to mention the income benefits of using their expertise to remotely help law firms with projects.

Watch this 40-minute on-demand webinar with guest Kristin Tyler—Co-founder of LAWCLERK, which helps law firms power their practices with on-demand virtual associates—as she shares the best tips on how to start freelancing quickly and effectively.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How someone newly unemployed or underemployed can find freelance legal work
  • What goes into an effective freelance profile
  • How to best showcase your skills
  • How to leverage your talents for different kinds of work

Duration: 40 minutes

LAWCLERK was built to successfully empower lawyers to work remotely. Whether you are looking to hire some help or pick up some freelance work – LAWCLERK connects thousands of lawyers nationwide.

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