The Do’s and Don’ts of Legal Outsourcing

Learn how to scale your business effectively by outsourcing to legal freelancers during busy times.

For the busy attorney, completing writing and research projects can be exceptionally challenging, especially when simultaneously trying to grow your business and balance your life. Thankfully, there is an easier way to help you save time—by outsourcing to experienced legal freelancers.

Outsourcing is the perfect way to get back time in your day, so you can focus on the parts of lawyering you really love and generate more revenue for your firm.

Watch this 40-minute on-demand webinar hosted by Kristin Tyler—Co-founder of LAWCLERK, which helps law firms power their practices with on-demand virtual associates—as she shares the best ways to work with legal freelancers.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to effectively delegate research and writing assignments to outsourced professionals
  • How to find the perfect freelancer for your legal projects
  • Techniques and tools to manage your remote freelance attorneys and the projects you assign

Duration: 40 minutes

LAWCLERK was built to successfully empower lawyers to work remotely. Whether you are looking to hire some help or pick up some freelance work – LAWCLERK connects thousands of lawyers nationwide.

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