Maintaining Productivity in a Remote Working Environment

Join the ABA & Clio for this Innovate Legal Virtual Meetup to learn best practices and tools for working efficiently and effectively from home.

Learn how you can keep your practice productive, even if your office is closed due to COVID-19.

If the COVID-19 crisis has forced you and your colleagues to start working from home for the foreseeable future, you’re not alone—and there are strategies and tools you can use to ensure that your firm remains productive during this time. In this live virtual meetup, our panel of experts will answer your remote working questions and share their guidance on the following topics:

  • Being an effective remote manager and supervising attorney
  • Focusing in the midst of distractions
  • Measuring KPIs beyond the firm’s to-do list
  • Tips for selecting the appropriate form of communication
  • Documenting repeatable processes

Duration: 60 minutes

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