Watch How Solo and Small Law Firms Use Clio

Learn how (and why) thousands of solo and small firms use Clio’s legal software to transform their practice.

If you’re wondering what Clio can do for your solo or small law firm, this is your chance.

In this session, Craig Hanton, former lawyer, and product specialist at Clio, discusses how Clio can help you:

  • Deliver an exceptional client experience with simple tools for intake, messaging, and collaboration
  • Work smarter by centralizing matter information and automating your workflows
  • Track time with ease and get paid faster with powerful billing and payment features

Duration: 30 minute demonstration

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Craig Hanton

Account Executive


Craig Hanton is an Account Executive at Clio, and a former Family Lawyer where he practiced out of Toronto, Ontario. His perspective on case management platforms is unique, as he has experience from both sides, so he can offer more tailored insight to the way Clio can be utilized, and has been helping customers do so for over a year now. He is passionate about advancing the legal field using technology and educating lawyers how to leverage these new tools.