What’s Trending on the Clio App Directory: Key Clio apps to run your law firm

Watch this free webinar to learn what’s currently trending in the Clio App Directory—and how your firm can get the most out of Clio’s popular integrations.

Simplify your day with Clio’s must-have apps.

One of the biggest challenges Clio customers face is toggling between different tabs and apps to find what they’re looking for.

This is why we have over 200 apps and integrations that connect your Clio account with other popular practice management tools and let you sync your workflows to get more work done in one place. 

Join Clio experts Jeff Porter and Daniel Steinberg as they introduce you to the Clio App Directory and guide you through the process of setting up integrations that are most popular with law firms like yours. 

In this 30-minute live webinar session, you’ll learn:

  1. How to create, edit, and manage documents faster with Clio Launcher
  2. How to sync your calendar with Clio to stay on top of deadlines and reduce manual data entry
  3. How to file emails and sync contacts from your inbox to Clio Manage for streamlined client communications

Our apps and integrations bring the best of technology in one place and make it easier to improve your firm’s productivity, save billable hours, and serve your clients better. Join this webinar to learn how to customize your account in a way that suits your firm the best.

Can’t make the date? Don’t worry—we’ll send a recording to everyone who registers!

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Jeff Porter

General Manager of Mid-Market and Partnerships


Jeff Porter oversees Clio’s Mid-Market segment as well as Clio’s consulting and app partnerships. He has a history of working with fast growth technology companies and a passion for building app ecosystems that help drive efficiencies and growth for customers.

Daniel Steinberg

Senior Partner Account Manager


As the Senior Partner Account Manager at Clio, Daniel Steinberg focuses on scaling and maintaining Clio’s consulting and app ecosystem partners in order to help support the needs of law firms globally. With a previous background in sales & accounting, Daniel brings a fresh outlook to the legal industry with a clear goal of streamlining the way lawyers practice law.