Implementing Alternative Fee Agreements at Your Law Firm

Hourly billing has been the dominant model at law firms for decades. But a growing number of clients are demanding cost certainty, transparency, and increased value—and firms are turning to alternative fee agreements (AFAs) to fill those gaps and complement their practice’s billing structure.

Alternative Fee Agreements Lawyaw Cover Image

78% of clients want lawyers to adopt a billing model that is more affordable and predictable. AFAs offer customized pricing models to accommodate clients’ budgets, and help build trust between lawyers and clients.

But AFAs aren’t just beneficial for clients. Firms can expand their client base, gain revenue certainty, and improve collections with alternative agreements like flat fees, subscriptions, unbundled fees, and other types of AFAs. Plus, it measures the value of a lawyer’s work in ways other than just hours.

Download this eBook to learn about alternative fee agreements and how they can help build a profitable law firm. You’ll learn:

  • Types of alternative fee agreements
  • The problem with hourly billing
  • Benefits of using AFAs
  • Best practices for implementing AFAs
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