The 2023 Legal Impact Award

The Legal Impact Award celebrates law firms and non-profits making a difference—and we need your help choosing the winner!

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  • PATH Legal Legal Impact Award Finalist

    PATH Legal

    PATH Legal is a non-profit law firm dedicated to improving access to justice for their community. As one of the only prison law firms in Canada, they formed to help those who can’t access legal representation due to cost, case complexity, time, lack of information, and availability of services. These barriers to justice are amplified for the most vulnerable and marginalized people in their community, resulting from intersections of racism, colonialism, sexism, ableism, poverty, and more. Since opening in September 2022, Path Legal has offered clinical law educational opportunities for 16 law students and served over 500 clients with pro bono bail release plans, human rights complaints, correctional disciplinary hearings, civil claims, and more, and the fight for justice has just begun.

  • Forte Law Group LLC Legal Impact Award Finalist

    Forte Law Group LLC

    Forte Law Group advances the special educational rights of children with disabilities no matter what obstacles a family may be facing. Forte Law Group is holding 200 public school districts in Connecticut legally accountable to ensure over 85,000 children requiring specialized education have the right to receive the education they deserve. During the recent year-and-a-half long statewide school closure on account of COVID, Forte Law Group drove community awareness by offering free weekly educational seminars and started a national podcast offering free legal advice to families nationwide with over 27,000 downloads in all 50 states. Most recently, Forte Law Group achieved a $1.7 million dollar settlement for a severely disabled student that was denied residential placement and is now receiving the appropriate residential educational services that the student needs.

  • Social Justice Collaborative Legal Impact Award Finalist

    Los Angeles Incubator Consortium

    The Los Angeles Incubator Consortium (LAIC) is committed to improving diversity and inclusion both within and without the legal profession. First, by providing an avenue for attorneys from diverse backgrounds to get their start in the legal profession, and second, by providing pro-bono services to clients who otherwise have no access due to cultural, linguistic and financial barriers. Since 2015, LAIC has donated over 8,400 hours of pro-bono work, representing over $2 million in value. LAIC dismantles cultural, linguistic (with 28 languages represented), and financial barriers that have historically hindered access to justice. They believe that fairness and equality is only possible when those who are enacting, enforcing, and delivering the laws reflect the makeup of the communities they serve.

  • Los Angeles Incubator Consortium Legal Impact Award Finalist

    Social Justice Collaborative

    For many immigrants coming to the United States, securing legal status and a work permit is life changing and in many cases, a matter of survival. That’s where Social Justice Collaborative steps in. Serving over 800 immigrants every year, including consultations and new cases opened, this non-profit organization protects the rights of immigrants at risk of deportation and connects them with the resources they need to succeed at all stages of immigration status. Despite most cases taking two to three years to resolve, Social Justice Collaborative manages to secure victory in over 400 cases each year (that’s at least one case a day). Their culturally informed, full-scope deportation defense and legal representation are provided in the client’s native language and at little-to-no cost to immigrants, including asylum seekers, unaccompanied children, young Dreamers, and displaced families.

  • Lisa Feldstein Law Office PC Legal Impact Award Finalist

    Lisa Feldstein Law Office PC

    Lisa Feldstein Law Office PC is a health law firm in Ontario, Canada that aims to protect families and help caregivers navigate the complex healthcare system. When Lisa recognized that a lawyer may be too expensive for a caregiver, or require guidance outside of her availability, she created Kinkeeper™, an online platform where caregivers can learn about health law on their own schedule for a fraction of the price of meeting a lawyer one-on-one, access webinars and courses, and connect with others in the same situation. Since founding Kinkeeper ™, Lisa has helped hundreds of caregivers access reliable legal information.

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