2022 Launch//Code Developer Contest Format Updated

A Renewed Framework to Power the Next Generation of Legaltech Innovation

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The 2022 Launch//Code Developer Contest is now open for submissions through Clio, the most connected platform in legal.


This year, there are two entry methods into the Launch//Code Developer Contest, each with a grand prize of $50,000, widening the scope of the contest to include new and existing apps in Clio’s App Directory.

The entry methods include:

  • Creation of a new app that meets the contest criteria, or
  • Significant change or expansion of an existing app in Clio’s App Directory that meets the contest criteria

The new format of the annual contest aims to fuel innovation in the sector, both for new legaltech creation, and further development of existing technologies with growth potential. 

Entrants will develop or improve an app integration for Clio that addresses a difficulty legal professionals face managing their business or growing their firm. Finalists will leverage the complex array of client and matter data stored in Clio to offer new, seamless workflows built on top of the Clio platform. Contest entries can range from apps that have previously demonstrated market traction to innovative new ideas yet to be tested.

Three finalists in each category will pitch their ideas to a panel of judges at the 2022 Clio Cloud Conference. Each finalist will present a four-minute pitch on their app’s innovation, impact, and business potential to a panel of industry experts. The winning companies for each category will receive the $50,000 prize, but all entrants who complete the necessary requirements and are approved by Clio will be featured in Clio’s App Directory, bringing their product to a growing global community of over 150,000 legal professionals. 

Updated technical requirements for entrants include:

  • Passing a security review process with Clio
  • “Add to Clio” feature 
  • A minimum accessibility score of 50 through Google Lighthouse



The 2022 contest will be open to developers who build a new integration that has been added to the Clio App Directory after January 1, 2022. Any integration partners that joined the App Directory prior to January 1 will be eligible for the contest as long as they can demonstrate new innovations or improvements to their application since then. 

All applications must submit their app via clio.com/launch-code by August 7, 2022 at 11:59:59 PM ET.

For New App Integration submissions only: Submissions must be received in their entirety by July 24, 2022 at 11:59:59 PM ET for review and publication on the Clio platform, prior to entering the contest.


2021 Contest Winners

At the 2021 Clio Cloud Conference, Fidu, a client experience platform, was named the viewer’s choice winner and brought home the grand prize. Co-founders Kim Bennett, COO, and Blaine Korte, CEO, showcased Fidu’s customizable client dashboard for subscription legal services to a live virtual audience and judging panel of industry experts, which included Victoria Hudgins, Legal Tech News Reporter, Bob Ambrogi, Publisher of LawSites blog and LawNext podcast, and Melanie Leonard, Lawyer, Clio Gold Certified Consultant, and Founder of streamlined.legal.

“What was once an idea just one year ago, has now become a thriving client experience platform. Clio was part of our story then and continues to be part of our founder story today through the Launch//Code Developer Contest.” – Kimberly Bennett, Co-founder, Fidu, and 2021 Launch//Code winner. 

“Supporting innovation in legaltech is hugely important to the team at Clio. It’s exciting to see the type of creativity and drive demonstrated by developers in today’s legaltech community. We had an unbelievable set of finalists last year, and I can’t wait to see what this year’s applicants bring to the table.” – Jack Newton, CEO and Founder, Clio.

Learn more at clio.com/launch-code.