CloudAct Solutions

Your comprehensive tool for Monthly Canadian Law Society Reporting for Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.
Available in Canada, the United States

Key benefits for your firm

  • Streamline your monthly law society compliance reporting!

    With CloudAct Solutions, you generate tailor made Law Society reports for the provinces of Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia. You have a clear overview of any reporting issues that may impact your compliance with the guidelines.
  • Streamlined process for review of monthly compliance reports

    Using our monthly review checklist, you review the salient highlights of your monthly reports and consider the actions that should be taken thereon, for any overdrawn client balances, inactive or closed client status.
  • Boost up productivity time

    CloudAct Solutions take care of the monthly compliance reporting. Lawyers can now use their time to focus on their lawyering services and boost up the productivity levels and revenue.

How CloudAct Solutions works with Clio

  • How CloudAct Solutions integrates with Clio

    We value how confidential your data is. The data is fetched from Clio by generating a secured connection using application web services. We do a full data load when Clio is connected for the first time. Afterwards, data is synced automatically on a nightly basis and on a need arising basis.  The sync from Clio is one-directional and we don’t write anything back to Clio. 

    The data is stored in a secured environment at Amazon AWS.


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