Jubilee TextMessaging

With a higher open and response rate than traditional forms of communication, texting is becoming the preferred method of reach clients and prospects. Jubilee TextMessaging is an easy-to-use online texting tool created for Law Firms. Engage your clients via text message right within your matter on Jubilee.

Have real-time conversations, set up reminders and appointment dates from an easy to use interface. All messages are archived and automatically attached to the corresponding matter or contact; perfectly integrated with Clio.

Key Features

  • The Clio and JubileeMessaging integration allows you to have real-time text-message conversations with your clients and prospects from the Jubilee web-based interface.

    - Real-time text messaging
    Increase your client retention with open rates as high as 98% with an average response within 90 seconds1. Engage your clients with real-time two-way conversations. Send appointment reminders, document requests and answer questions with a few easy clicks.

    - Scheduled and Recurring Messages
    Schedule a message to be sent at any date and time in the future. Set-up daily or weekly text reminders with your own custom message.

    - Dedicated texting phone number.
    Request a dedicated text-only phone number or use your existing office line to send and receive messages through Jubilee.

    - Automatic Notifications
    Get in-app notifications anytime you received a text message.