Novara Search

Novara is the first, and only, tool in the legal market that ingests social media posts from a custodians data export file for FaceBook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Slack, Twitter, Snapchat and TikTok. Novara’s features create a powerful platform where you can manage and search all of your client’s social media evidence.

Key Features

  • Novara's features create a powerful platform where you can manage all of your client’s and case’s social media data. Create new projects and persons from our grid viewer for your firm in seconds. Add contact information to your person’s information for easy access when referring social media data to other eDiscovery collections. The simple grid structure for cases allows you to change between client data and millions of posts in seconds.

    Import data from 7 major social media platforms without leaving your custodian screen. Quickly import using a drag and drop method or select from your file browser. Keep track of when data entered Novara and see how many exports you’ve created for a custodian. Receive real time updates on when data is fully imported into the system.

    Our search engine offers robust options for locating the information most relevant to your case instantly. Refine your results with over 100 different unique filters that include, but aren’t limited to: posts, comments, direct messages, group activity, photos, videos, ad interactions, tweets, notes, searches in the app, support correspondence, and profile updates!

    Novara utilizes .JSON files (JavaScript Object Notation) for advanced searching including: keyword searches, phrase searching, metadata searching, post filters, date ranges, and/or searching, and tagging responsive posts.

    Tag posts for export while searching or while viewing direct message threads. Individually tag or bulk tag with one click. Toggle between your search results and tagged posts easily before creating your export to make sure you selected everything needed for export.

    Export posts in multiple formats including PDF, HTML, CSV, DAT, and Text files. Novara includes the ability to Bates stamp posts and add static endorsements when needed.

    Novara’s integration with Clio allows Clio clients to quickly transfer selected social media directly to a Clio matter and folder as Clio documents.